Ghana Life: Taxi and Trotro Slogans

Visitors to Ghana during the second half of the 20th century may have been surprised to discover that road traffic was dominated by two categories of public transport vehicles: bright yellow-painted winged taxis and trotros, old Bedford trucks with wooden bodies built locally traditional style and distinctive design. However, a […]

Madd Gear vs. Slamm Scooters

Madd Gear Pro scooters. Madd Gear makes awesome kids’ scooters at various price points. They are great scooters for people looking to perform stunts or tricks because they are lightweight and well made. Madd Gear Pro is an Australian company that has now made it big in the UK and […]

Top 5 Golden Rules for Kickboxing

Starting a new Martial Art like Kickboxing can be very difficult. The problem is that there are many types of instructors and styles and each style and instructors are different. Now… don’t let that scare you. I’m going to show you the rules that always apply to Kickboxing. The 5 […]

Jamaica for all-inclusive vacations

With its palm-fringed beaches and laid-back vibe, could there be a better candidate for an all-inclusive vacation than Jamaica? The best-known Caribbean island certainly has the beaches and atmosphere that make the Caribbean such a popular vacation destination. However, the destination offers more for visitors willing to get out of […]

feel my pain my friends

Efe sat in the chair that the doctor indicated. He was tired of these predictable visits. He was tired of taking folic acid every day hurt. In fact, he knew the doctor would question him and not tell him that the last time he took the folic acid tablet was […]