Johnny Ringo – Old West Badman

Nature of parenting: that’s a question asked these days by those trying to understand the motivation of criminals. Can a person be born bad? Or is the seed of their destruction sown in their formative years? Johnny Ringo, famous after his run-ins with the Earps, certainly had a hard time […]

Cancer: the ugly truth about chemotherapy

I received a fax of a news report: “” Superman “actor’s widow dies of lung cancer at 44.” On the fax is written: “So much about scientific evidence-based medicine!” The report said that the singer and actress died of lung cancer a year and a half after the death of […]

2015 Fantasy Football Sleepers

One of the keys to winning your fantasy football league is the ability to recruit Sleepers. The “sleepers” are NFL players who are drafted in much lower rounds in their fantasy football drafts than their final stats warrant. In terms of shopping, this is like getting a 22-ounce bottle of […]

For the love of my life

You are my reason … I’ve already loved you … In my life you came back through the door of friendships we knew how to share, we knew how to share all this without thinking, nothing premeditated. All those impregnated moments, excited, experienced laughter, full of joy and joy are […]

Top 10 unsung heroes in human history

Whether it’s saving lives or promoting human rights, the world has no shortage of heroes, people who have performed amazing feats to change the way we live our lives today, proving that humanity can transcend itself. Unfortunately, not all heroes are treated equally and many of them are unknown. Let’s […]

Indian television Doordarshan before 1990

IN A FEW DAYS from now, we will celebrate another Independence Day. This day of the red letter may not be different from the one we observed during the previous year. But if we reflect for a moment on the events that have happened, we would conclude that India has […]