• June 14, 2024

Hope for those who suffer from ugly nails!

If you consider yourself in this category, you are not alone. Most people, if they were being honest, would have to tell you that there hasn’t been much hope of having aesthetically pleasing nails, once you’ve suffered from a toenail fungus infection or toenail injury. Until now, most treatments have taken months and even years to show any results, and often come with the caveat that the results may not last. For those with hopelessly misshapen toenails, the idea of ​​wearing open sandals is not an option.

Well, I say until now, because it is no longer like that. In the last year or so, products have come out that can forever change the look of your toenails. The first product is marketed to podiatrists as KeryFlex Toenail Restoration. This product is a light-curing, antifungal, time-release flexible resin that looks and feels like a natural nail. It comes in different shades that can camouflage even the most unsightly nails. If you have a toenail infection, I recommend having your podiatrist treat you with an oral medication like Lamisil or the newer laser treatment called the Pinpoint Laser. Even if you’ve tried one of these before, try again. This time, I combined this treatment with a toenail restoration via KeryFlex. The doctor will “debride” (buff) the nail a bit and then apply KeryFlex, rebuilding the nail to its original size and shape. Since most doctors aren’t actually nail technicians, you may have to do some work at home to get the exact shape you want. If it doesn’t look right, go back and have him redo it until you get the desired cosmetic results you’re looking for. Once this is done, with a bit of polish, you’ll be back in your sandals and looking gorgeous! Now here’s the best part: Because KeryFlex is a time release antifungal product, it really is good for your nails! You don’t have to worry about damaging your nails with polish because your actual nail is protected by a very natural-feeling, anti-fungal, non-porous material, which I think will make it less likely to get re-infected. You see, most people who get toenail infections do so due to a genetic predisposition to getting these infections. Those who suffer from soft, porous nails, or those who have sustained toenail injuries, are at risk of contracting and harboring these types of infections. With KeryFlex, your nail is protected and with the time-released antifungal ingredient Piroctone Olimine, it’s less likely to reinfect it. There do not appear to be ANY negative side effects from this treatment and many positive results. For the first time, ugly nail sufferers have a product that offers a long-lasting solution.

Now, once you’ve gotten your KeryFlex nail restoration, you’ll want to connect with a local spa to start maintaining your new look. But you don’t want to go to ANY spa or nail technician. You will need to find someone who is using a product made by LCN-USA called “Barefoot”. This product is produced by the same European manufacturer that produces KeryFlex, only it is marketed to professional nail technicians. I cannot stress enough that you have to find someone who uses this product. It is the only one I know of that is recommended and safe for the toes. Your professional nail technician can continue to maintain your nails by touching them up as your natural nail grows. Yes, with this product your natural nail will continue to grow, unimpeded, and may even grow in a more normal appearance. You can also request a French pedicure using the light-curing gels that are so popular now. Once this is done, your look is professional and lasts a month or more without the need for touch-ups. You will simply love the results you will get with these two products.

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