• June 14, 2024

Hoarding and Clutter: 3 Amazing Tips to Release Negative Emotions

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by emotions, especially when ordering? Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by negative emotions that you can’t function? Many times my clients have told me that they experience a triggering emotion that results in a barrage of past emotions, which can be absolutely overwhelming. I’ll help you identify what triggers your negative emotions and give you some tips that can help you release those emotions. Ultimately, this can free you from the negative emotions that have held you prisoner.

A key point is that there are different triggers. Those triggers vary for each individual person. Different triggers can generate the same negative emotions. For example, a client was negatively overwhelmed when he lost his job of 25 years. He then felt the same overwhelming negative emotions later in his life when his plans for the night fell through.

I have noticed that the same trigger can manifest itself completely differently in different people. For example, one of my clients had very painful memories of her abused childhood. She manifested her negative emotions by consoling herself with food to the point of becoming super morbidly obese at over 800 pounds. Another client who experienced very similar childhood abuse expressed the emotions of her being overly controlling and perfectionist to the point that she was hurtful and destructive. Similarly, another client with similar child abuse expressed her negative emotions in clutter and hoarding.

First step: Identify your triggers

It is important to get in touch with your emotions. It can help him recognize early on the negative feelings he may experience whenever something happens in his life. What are those negative emotions? How do you feel? Where are they on your body? Where they are? How did they get there? And most importantly, what do I do to change them?

tip one: change to positive

First identify what you don’t like. Now I’d like you to take a deep breath, and as you exhale, think about exactly what was really good about your day. Well you say? Yes ok! There has to be something in your day that was good. Make your mind find something positive. At least one! Now think about that and breathe. After you have had a moment of positive emotional charge, if you still feel that you cannot get rid of those negative emotions. I have a little advice that has helped many and can help you too.

Tip two: Release of negative emotions

This form of release is similar to a purge of the innermost negative aspects of the soul. Find your nearest and dearest listening ear and let them know that you don’t need to fix anything. All you need is an ear to listen or a good journal to write. Now reach deep within yourself and search the innermost part of your being. Identify all those emotions that have kept you imprisoned in the depths of your soul.

These negative emotions seem to rise up just below the surface waiting for something or someone to come along and stir them up. Now talk to the person endlessly or write in their journal. Remove it. Release all those things from the past to the present that are triggering these emotions and identify them.

Perform an emotional release for about 5 minutes. Anything else may be too overwhelming for you and also for your listener. And I’m sure by then your hand will be getting tired from writing if you’re using a journal.

Tip three: Close your eyes and remove negative emotions from the body

It is better if it can be a place where it is calm and you can relax. He gently closes his eyes. Take a deep breath and relax. Now think about where you feel the negative emotion. Imagine what size it is and what color it is. When you have located it, imagine that you are reaching within yourself and begin to bring it out. Continue to do this until you feel the release. You may feel a change of emotions. You may also feel exhausted or empty. If you feel a void, I suggest you fill that void with love and light. This can be done when you need it and can take just a few minutes. Feel free to experiment with this technique and adjust it to your needs.

Now take a deep breath and see if you feel a little lighter. You may even experience an overwhelming feeling of joy. You can even feel the sensation of releasing your soul from its shackles. You may notice that you can take a deeper breath. Your head, chest, or body in general may feel lighter, as can your mood.

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