Black Bean Soup Recipe – 3 Ingredients!

Black Bean Soup is another frugal (frugal + delicious) and quick recipe from The Budget Diet girl! It’s a frugal recipe because it’s a vegetarian black bean soup recipe! It’s a frugal recipe because you’ll be spending less than $1 per serving! It’s a frugal recipe because it’s made with […]

daily weight loss tips

Whether it’s for the wedding season, the holiday season, or just getting healthy, everyone wants lose weight and look fit. Unhealthy lifestyles often include a lot of junk and fatty foods along with little or no exercise. Sitting in your work chair all day can cause all of your fat […]

Why the Mediterranean diet is good for you

The Mediterranean Diet has been widely recommended by nutritionists and medical professionals for many years thanks to all the health benefits that the diet provides. It is also a widely preferred diet for people of all ages due to the delicious and inexpensive options it offers. However, for older participants, […]

The religion of addiction

First let’s take a look at religion. Religion is a set of beliefs, practices, and perhaps rituals based on what is known as worship. What is worship? Worship is respect and reverence for a god or power. Worship is a form of submission. There are places of worship where people […]

The most avoided theory

In this article I will not be writing as a philosopher, but rather as a layman, but someone who has gained an incredible perspective on numerous inspiring topics. And I will not focus on philosophy as a discipline. I will not dwell on ethics, nor will I fall prey to […]