The Chase – Five More Ways to Be the Predator You Want

Jack Hammond: Chew gum! Your breath smells like my grandmother’s feet.

– The Chase (1994)

In the last article I introduced the concept of Chase. This is the mental model that we will use as the basis of the work that I will guide you through for the next three weeks. We will use it to simplify the field of love, sometimes confusing, complex and overwhelming.

In this article, I’ll continue the work I started last time by giving you a few more key ways that each of you male samurai can use the model to make things easier for you, as well as the mistakes to avoid.

The Chase is a game. It’s not serious. That’s one of the biggest mistakes guys make. But not being serious is not the same as being silly. Second biggest mistake.

Think of a professional athlete. You play it honestly and with dignity. Play hard. Never forget that it is a game. But play to win and you will get the best results.

As I said last time, sometimes the best teachers are the children, because they don’t complicate things too much. So, let’s go back to the simple tag game in our imaginations and look at five more ways to avoid cheating and get the most out of the game.

Who is “that” changes. Every game and every relationship at its root is the game of catching. You perform a task. Then you change and do the opposite. You catch. Then you throw. You are “it”. Then you are not “that”. You speak, then you listen. You give and then you take. Chase and then they chase you. This is part of the fun. Learn to enjoy both roles. Get good at both.

Win or lose, this is how it plays. Children who have the most fun agree to lose. And don’t make a big deal out of it when they win. Okay, these kids are weird. But that doesn’t change the fact that they have more fun. You get it. And you can too.

Play for experience. Play to test yourself. Play to see what you are made of and how good you can be. Try to win, but don’t get obsessed with winning. Winning is as much a test as anything else. It tells you how hard you are working, but no … it can never tell you who you are. Only you can do that.

Easy is not fun. But it is not impossible either. Exceptional boys play for challenge. A girl who stretches them as a person. Who sees through his shit. A girl who is on her own adventure. But the exceptional guy doesn’t have time for the princess who makes him take off his stinky shoes outside and wash his feet before they can watch Walking Dead together.

Vicki Vallencourt: Well, men are supposed to have stinky feet.

– The boy from the water (1998)

The goal is a good game. Which is a good experience for everyone. The exceptional man lives his values ​​and his priorities in each game. They are a path that he knows is a privilege to follow. He knows that they will serve him and the lucky ones who share his adventure with him.

Can you say the same? If not, what is stopping you?

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Caroyln Wyeth – A Unique Force

Artists, be they painters, musicians, or writers, are often said to create some of their best work as a “tortured soul.” Some are known to isolate themselves, while others are seen as living a self-indulgent lifestyle. For artist Carolyn Wyeth, rules and recognition never appealed to her. Growing up in a family of artists, including her famous brother Andrew Wyeth, Carolyn was often described as a person who had a direct and energetic character, with a unique tendency to do whatever she pleased.

Carolyn Wyeth picks up the brush

Carolyn began studying art at the age of 12 under the guidance of her father NC Wyeth. He taught all of his children that it was imperative to have a solid drawing base and, in particular, charcoal studies of cubes, pyramids, and plaster casts before attempting to pick up a paintbrush. Not caring about the rules her father had set, Carolyn simply took the paintbrush when she wanted and did things her way.

NC Wyeth was completely impressed with the talent his daughter exhibited, but never expressed his admiration, thinking it would encourage her to seek his advice. However, in a letter he wrote in 1940, he praised Carolyn’s painting “Keats’s Mask”, saying, “If she never painted anything else, this will record a truly important talent.” By the time she was in her early twenties, Carolyn Wyeth was already winning awards and honors for her unique work style.

Teaching: integrating your father’s methods

In the 1940s, Carolyn Wyeth began teaching art to a select few in her hometown of Chadds Ford, PA and in Maine over the summer. He taught for more than 30 years. While Carolyn did not fully adhere to the way her father taught his children, even rebelled at times, her practices influenced the way she taught her students. He used his father’s old studio and equipment and accepted no more than 10 students at a time.

Carolyn went on to teach her nephew, Jamie Wyeth, and her nieces, Anna B. and Robin McCoy. And ironically, like his father, he made sure they understood the basics of geometric shapes and plaster casts before moving on to painting in color.

Carolyn’s Paintings and Style

Carolyn Wyeth never ventured far from her hometown of Chadd’s Ford, PA, or the home she grew up in with her 18 acres of land. His family environment was his source of inspiration. Carolyn mainly created still lifes that were readily available in her home: chairs and tables, food, and objects from her father’s study. He also painted the trees and woods that surrounded the house. He once said, “What inspired me to paint is this whole damn place here: every tree, every rock, the fields, the hills, the studio, the smell of the place, everything I love.”

This talented artist also reconstructed private moments, suggesting romance, loss and memory, making her work much more intense and personal. Critics described some of his work as “haunting, introspective, and displaying raw power rarely seen in contemporary painting.”

Carolyn Wyeth’s style is very distinctive, simple, and brightly colored. After his exhibitions in Philadelphia, Chester County, and Wilmington, art reviews on his paintings contained words such as “straightforward,” “simple,” “frank,” and “effective.” Carolyn once said, “I painted what I fucking wanted.” And he did and won his awards and critical acclaim alike.

Carolyn Wyeth the recluse

When Carolyn’s mother passed away in 1973, Carolyn took over the family home and studio. He lived the rest of his life in the same place where he was born. People viewed Carolyn as a recluse, apparently content to live with her dogs and her paintings. According to the artist who conducted a rare interview in 1979, Carolyn stated, “I’m not exactly a recluse, but I almost am, as close as I can get. I think a bloody quiet life is best.” He added: “People don’t mean much to me.”

Carolyn Wyeth was happy with her life. He created three to four pieces of art a year, and almost never promoted his work through exhibitions, saying that he really had no interest in selling his pieces, that he painted because it gave him a “kick inside” and allowed him to examine their relationship. with things. Another interesting fact is that he rarely signed his work because he did not think there was much interest in his talent.

Carolyn Wyeth passed away in 1994. Although she was the least famous artist in the family, critics have hailed her as “the best painter in the family” and “the strongest female artist in America today.” Rave reviews for such a recluse.

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How to make a yeast-free taco for the Candida diet

No matter what type of diet you are trying to follow, most diets require you to give up or severely limit the foods you love the most. The candida diet is no exception. The candida diet is the cornerstone of treatment for a condition known as yeast infection. Candidiasis is an overgrowth of the typically benign yeast, candida albicans, in the digestive tract. This condition often occurs due to a variety of external factors, but the main causes tend to be overuse of antibiotics, contraceptives, steroids, and diets high in sugary and processed foods. These external factors cause an imbalance in the digestive system and the candida diet helps to restore this balance. The candida diet eliminates sugar- and yeast-laden foods, glutinous grains, fruit, cheese, and processed foods that are believed to exacerbate yeast infection. There are many other foods that are also omitted from the diet. So is it possible to continue enjoying your favorite foods when there are so many limitations to this diet? With a little creativity you certainly can.

Tacos are one of my favorite foods that traditionally don’t work for the candida diet. From the taco shell to the shredded cheese that it covers, many of the traditional taco ingredients are simply offensive to the candida diet. So how do we make a tasty taco that is yeast-free and therefore okay for this diet?

The first step is to make or find a yeast-free gluten-free taco seasoning. There are many packages of taco seasoning in the store, but most have ingredients that are not allowed in the diet, such as monosodium glutamate (MSG), yeast extract, citric acid, and sugar. If you want to use a packet of store-bought taco seasoning, read the label carefully. You may be able to find a yeast-free variety at your local health food store or Whole Foods. It’s been so much easier for me to create my own yeast-free spiced taco seasoning mix from my pantry. A mixture of chili powder, cayenne pepper, sea salt, black pepper, and onion powder does the job just as well as any store-bought variety.

The second step is to make or find gluten-free yeast-free tortillas. There are a variety of gluten-free tortillas on the market. They are usually available at your local health food store, Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. The most common type that does not contain yeast and gluten are brown rice tortillas. However, in my experience these don’t seem to work as well for tacos as they fall apart very easily under the weight of the taco filling. There are other gluten-free options, but they generally contain yeast or some other ingredient that is off-limits for candida dieters. I have found it easier and more tasty to make mine. There are some great recipes online for gluten-free tortillas. Do a search and be sure to substitute yeast-free ingredients for the troublesome ones.

The third step would be to make yeast-free and gluten-free taco fixings. This is the fun and easy part. Once you’ve seasoned the meat and a taco shell, you can stack the ingredients. Although things like cheese and sour cream are off-limits, you can still make a great taco. Some of my favorite ingredients for yeast-free tacos are tomatoes, avocado, lettuce, homemade salsa, plain unsweetened yogurt, and organic canned beans.

For more information on living yeast-free on the candida diet, visit Yeast Free Living.

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How to lose 20 pounds in 7 days: fast, safe and natural

If you are looking for a diet plan to help you lose weight super fast, you have come to the right place.

In this article, you will learn about a fast and healthy way to lose weight. Losing 20 pounds in a week is very difficult to do safely. Most of your weight loss will consist of water and you will put on those pounds once you stop the diet.

Previously, I was also overweight and it feels like I’ve tried every diet out there, losing a couple of pounds only to get it back, failing miserably. I have tried all the popular diets that are not diets, ie no fat, no carbs, and no protein. Nothing seemed to work. I became interested in weight loss and how to lose weight in a healthy and functional way.

The diet that made me slimmer is called the calorie shifting diet. After reading about the diet, it seemed too good to be true. This diet allows you to eat almost as you do today, but there are some changes. The calorie shifting diet is exactly what it sounds like. You change the calories, making your metabolism burn fat like crazy. You cannot lose 20 pounds in 7 days because your body does not allow it. However, you could lose up to 10 pounds in just 11 days in a healthy way without hunger.

The principle of the diet is that changing calories every other day will boost fat metabolism. Changing your calorie intake every day tricks your body into not knowing what you are going to eat overnight. The rate of metabolism depends on what you have eaten in the last few days and a constant change will keep your metabolism going.

The good thing about this diet is that it lasts more than 11 days and if you want to lose more weight you must stay on the diet for three days and then start again. It is very important that you stay on the diet or those three days and eat what you want as this will help you stay motivated to restart the diet plan. So let’s say you need to lose 40 pounds. You will need to repeat the diet cycle five times. This does not mean that your menu is the same during all cycles because it is an online diet plan. If you have a health condition that prevents you from eating certain vegetables or other foods, just tell the menu builder and it will remove that food from the menu.

If for example you like chicken tell the generator, if you like meat or fish or whatever, tell the menu generator and it will make an eleven day menu of calorie shifted meals. There are some more important tips on how to make your weight loss happen.

Follow the link below for more information.

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Inside Tiny Houses – Are you ready?

Mr. Jay Shafer is the responsible genius who came up with the idea for Tiny Houses! His company, known as Tumbleweed, is part of the tiny home movement. In 2002, he co-founded the Small House Society in Iowa City, Iowa. In 2003, Gregory Paul Johnson commissioned him to build The Mobile Hermitage, which became one of Tumbleweed’s first commercially sold homes.

When did Tiny Houses start to flourish?

It turns out that during the Hurricane Katrina disaster in 2005, Marianne Cusato built 308 square feet. foot hut constructions for the homeless victims and small house movements flourished.

Want one? What to do next?

Identify the square footage you will need. Visit local pre-fab buildings to get an idea of ​​what your minimum requirement is or rent a Tiny House for a weekend to take an appraisal and experience your practical life inside a Tiny House. Then start brainstorming and planning your setup and storage needs. Slowly but surely, you will begin to form your image of the interior of your Tiny House.

A prefabricated building of 320 m2. foot is enough to make it comfortable and the transition from large to small is a breeze. Some even include all appliances and HVAC systems. All you need to do is pay for the building (approximately $ 35K), plus tax and transportation. Another alternative is to contact a builder of your choice.

You should also research state laws and the requirements for these tiny houses. A good source of information is the American Small Home Association.

There are several different resources and websites that sell blueprints, workshops, existing real estate for sale, or even rentals. So these little houses are here to stay for a long time and a definitive solution to not paying the mortgage for 30 or 40 years.

Get creative inside tiny houses

Imagine yourself inside a Tiny House and exactly what you are waiting for to feel comfortable. Let’s entertain our thoughts right now … think about having enough kitchen cabinets, maybe a slide-out pantry, a small stove with oven, enough counter space to prepare food, a small sink, cabinets for your bedroom, and where to squeeze in your washer / dryer combo, oh … and don’t forget about your bathroom amenities. Do you want a loft-style bedroom or on the same floor? If you have a loft, how will you want your staircase? Will you have storage space under or inside your ladder? As for your living room area, get into a creative team to save space with a small sofa with drawers or storage underneath, perhaps a drop down table for eating or working with a laptop and continue to work on all your ideas by jotting them down. Then, with all your ideas, prepare a floor plan and include measurements.

There are many small-scale furniture ideas that save floor space. Sofas with storage drawers, corner desks, floating desks, folding tables with drop leaves, storage trunks, folding beds, beds that slide out or up and down from the ceiling and many more. The truth is, whether inside a Tiny House or not, these are also great ideas for saving space in small apartments, small rooms, sunrooms, bedrooms, guesthouses, studios, and even studios. Many innovative and creative ideas come to life every day from different sources and all because of the need for them. Very well said by Plato “necessity is the mother of invention”.

Last but not least: a reality check

I recently read an article “Dear People Who Live in Tiny Houses – Medium” by Lauren Modery, where she wrote this article on Tiny Houses and mentioned some stark realities of living inside a Tiny House that weren’t that great, but the truth. is that depending on the amount of square feet you buy your Tiny House, these could be customized to be very comfortable and efficient. You’ll enjoy lots of great experiences, like being able to take off whenever you want to travel, enjoy mortgage freedom, pay very low utilities, and receive a bill for less property taxes. Without a doubt, a great blessing!

But in the end, it all comes down to planning wisely, staying within your budget, and making sure your expectations are met.

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The hero’s journey and Casablanca: teaching the monomyth

Casablanca has it all: moving love story; awesome art; and captivating characters. It is a classic movie that millions of people watch over and over again. However, did you know that Casablanca was also an example of Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey? Here’s how to turn the movie into a useful tool for teaching the hero’s journey.

The hero of Casablanca embarks on a search for personal growth and development. Rick has lost his way, consumed by bitterness and longing. When he discovers that he can have what he has wanted for so long, he abandons everything for a cause and in doing so finds his way back. However, when the story is analyzed from the point of view of the hero’s journey, first identified by Joseph Campbell, it clearly contains each of the twelve stages of the Monomith.

Learning about the hero’s journey is no easy task, and dividing up the lessons and reading in the classroom can have a profound impact on how students internalize and understand the lesson. Before showing the students Casablanca, describe the concept of the hero’s journey. Provide them with a worksheet that they can complete during the scheduled breaks in the movie.

When discussing the hero’s journey with your class, simply go through the twelve stages of the concept, noting that at times, like in Casablanca, the steps can seem messy. The first thing to establish is a quick summary of the hero’s journey shown in the movie. Who is the hero? What happened to him or her? One answer is that Rick progresses from a self-centered cynic to a caring individual, capable of sacrificing a life with the woman he loves for the greater good of opposing fascism.

Working individually, in pairs, or in class, describe actions in the film that could manifest the twelve stages of the hero’s journey. Remember, some characters, like Laszlo, can have more than one role in the story and one or more of the stages or archetypes (like the Trickster) can be omitted or combined. Make lists of characters to identify the archetypes of the hero’s journey that appear in the film, and for each character, describe the role it plays in telling the story of the film.

Casablanca is a special movie that, with a little planning, can be used to teach students about the hero’s journey. Giving students the ability to recognize this archetype and training them to apply it in different circumstances is a solid lesson that they will use for years to come.

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Ten wise tips for learning to go to the bathroom

1. Wait for them to be ready. All children develop at different rates. If your oldest child learned to go to the bathroom at age two, that doesn’t mean your second child will. If your neighbor’s child is potty trained, it doesn’t mean yours should be. Your child needs to be ready, or it will be a long battle and a frustrating struggle. So, wait for your child to show signs of being ready, like going long periods of time without making a diaper dirty. Recognizing your need to go to the bathroom, or even just a fascination with the bathroom.

2. Don’t fight them. If you’re fighting over it, stop and try again in a week or two. As soon as potty training turns into a fight, it’s time to quit. If it’s a power struggle, your child will win. Your child is learning about himself and becoming an individual, and often his individuality is expressed through resistance. Don’t let that be due to potty training.

3. Help them understand what is happening. Books, movies, etc. often helps. This is a learning process, so so many supports and helps can improve. If your child has a clear understanding of what the potty is, when he uses it, and how he uses it, it won’t intimidate him as much and potty training will be much easier.

4. Be consistent. You can do “naked noon” where every day for a couple of hours they wear only their underwear and use the potty. If you find that you can’t be consistent every day, consider a potty training weekend, where you spend the entire weekend in potty training.

5. Remind them every two hours. Your child will ignore his body’s signals to play, eat, or sleep. So, help them by giving them a reminder and taking them to the bathroom every two hours to go to the bathroom. This will help them recognize the signs and get used to going to the bathroom.

6. Make the bathroom easier to use. Dress them so they don’t struggle to get their clothes off in time to get to the bathroom. Get a stool, potty chair, or potty ring to make every step of the potty training process easier.

7. Rewards and positive reinforcement. They work well for many children. Praise, sticker graphics, treats, or toys for success, it all works. This is not a bribe, but rather a way to help your child stay excited and celebrate the thrill of their success.

8. Make it fun. Potty training is often scary, so do little things to make it more fun, like running to the bathroom with them, getting a fun soap to wash their hands, teaching them ditties and songs to use when they’re in the bathroom. Help them choose fun underwear, etc.

9. Help them recognize the sensations of going to the bathroom. Sometimes a lack of success in potty training is due to not understanding how your body works. So, give them a big drink, then tell them what to expect, then in half an hour or so, have them. Soon, they will equate the sensations with the need to use the potty, and they will do better.

10. Stay inside. Do not try to learn to go to the bathroom while you are away from home, on vacation, etc. Stay home for a few days to make it familiar and easy for your child to get to the bathroom when needed. As they gain better control, you can venture further.

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Terrell Owens Diet – Top 4 Tips To Get Abs With The Terrell Owens Diet

Are there secrets to the Terrell Owens diet?

One look at Terrell Owens abs and you know this man not only knows how to exercise, but he understands how to diet too!

Tea Terrell Owens diet was developed after years of nutrition education from TO’s personal trainer, Buddy Primm.

During football season, for example, breakfast consists of 10 egg whites and a bowl of oatmeal. During the off-season, breakfast consists of rotisserie chicken, black beans, and rice.

The Terrell Owens diet consists of 4 to 5 meals a day. This has the effect of speeding up your metabolism and, without a doubt, if you’ve seen his abs, you know that this method works.

He tries to stay away from junk food year-round, although he occasionally indulges in M ​​& Ms and Pringles. Also avoid soda and other bad sugars.

In his new book, Terrell Owens offers a complete breakdown including meal plans of his exact diet and exercise program. At this point, it’s no wonder Terrell Owens’s exercise program consists primarily of resistance band exercises.

Resistance band training has been the mainstay of his workouts for the past several years.

Terrell Owens is definitely disciplined when it comes to his diet, one of his favorite places to eat is the Boston Market. You eat healthy all the time and believe that you need to fuel your body properly to get the most out of it.

Among his friends, the Terrell Owens diet is a constant source of fun. You’ll often find it eating salmon and asparagus and sometimes you’ll change it … eating salmon and spinach instead.

Altogether, here are the basics of the Terrell Owens diet:

1. Eat 4 to 5 times a day, smaller meals keep your metabolic rate higher.

2. Get 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise two days a week.

3. Eat lean meats like chicken and fish.

4. No carbohydrates after 6 pm

Follow these simple tips and in no time you’ll have perfect abs like Terrell Owens.

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Prepare for your first job interview

You’ve probably gotten used to dressing casually for school with a wardrobe made up of jeans, shirts, and tennis shoes. And why not? Jeans are much more comfortable than pants, and dress shoes are no match for a comfortable pair of sandals. Unfortunately, these items are best left in the back of the closet when it comes to dressing appropriately for a job interview.

The first step in this process is to find out the company’s dress code in advance by observing how the employees dress. Is it business casual or uniforms? Whatever the case, you should plan to dress as if you already work there, only slightly better.

Men and women should avoid wearing perfume and cologne altogether. There are many people who do not like strange smells and smells; so as not to offend anyone, leave the fragrance bottle alone.

Another no-no interview shows tattoos and body piercings. These can be fun when you go out with friends; however, they can be very distracting to the interviewer. Remember to cover your tattoos and remove several body piercings before the interview. You want the employer’s full attention to be focused on your skill and talent.

Ladies, save the bright colors, heavy makeup, and big jewelry for a night out with the girls. These elements can give the impression that the job is not taken seriously and can leave a negative impression on the interviewer. Instead, focus on wearing clean, barely visible makeup, minimal jewelry, and remember to stay away from nail polish unless it’s see-through.

Men should sport a fresh haircut with a clean-shaven face on the day of the interview. It’s a great idea for women to wear long hair neatly tied back in a low bun or ponytail. For those with shorter hair, keep it clean and polished too.

The best clothing styles for a job interview are conservative and neutral. Think navy, black, dark brown, and gray to choose your colors. Women avoid open shoes and mules.

Your personal fashion is a statement of you; however, there is a time and a place to express yourself. Your goal for the job interview is to present a professional image that conveys respect and motivation to the employer. So dust off those dress shoes and press on those shirts because you will never get a second chance to make a great first impression!

“Changing lives … one career at a time.”

The Warschaw Learning Institute has grown to be the leading online dental office training among today’s dental professionals, career-changing adults, and high school seniors.

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Why do dogs like stuffed toys?

She is an amazing certified therapy dog, but she will steal the residents’ stuffed toys if you let her. Now for those of you who are handy with a needle, you can remove the padding and fill the toy with sturdy fabric – that way, it will last forever!

I think dogs feel closer to being a dog when they actually have a stuffed toy in their mouth. They feel like they got it. They can take it with them, they can claim it, they can get it back (especially retrievers), and it’s yours. And it feels good to them. After a while, the smell of this stuffed animal becomes horrible for us, but great for dogs.

Depending on what breed you are, some dogs will kill the stuffed animals, others will love it, sleep on it, and snuggle up to it. Retrievers will have it constantly in their mouths when you return home.

By far the cheapest way to keep your dog with stuffed toys is by buying cheap, appropriately sized stuffed animals at yard sales. I wash them with hot water and a little Solumel (Melaleuca household cleaner that helps kill bacteria and is friendly to animals and nature), this is very important! Then, I remove all the detachable ones; losing things like eyes, whiskers, etc. These toys are a very cheap alternative to expensive toys from pet stores.

However, be very careful to check and make sure this toy is not filled with small Styrofoam beads. Avoid them. You can easily tell by squashing the toy in your hand. Dogs often open their stuffed toys and the styrofoam beads can become a danger to your dog.

I know of some large dogs that shake their stuffed animal so much that they are actually killing it. If you have more than one dog, observe that the other dog is not injured by the toy that is being shaken. It is easy to pierce or hurt the eye of other dogs.

So to repeat the question, why do dogs like stuffed toys? Well, it seems that we all love stuffed animals. Adults have them, children love them, cats play with stuffed mice, and dogs demand that they be killed, reclaimed, or simply loved.

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