Could a simple pill be the new caffeine?

For most people, prescription stimulants like the one created by Cephalon Pharmaceuticals are unnecessary. Most of the population has and enjoys a natural circadian rhythm that allows them to sleep normally and wake up refreshed and refreshed in the morning. There are many, however, who do not. It is this […]

Sanctions on North Korea: Is this the right approach?

China has agreed to a modified draft of sanctions against North Korea, however, Russia still resisted, although Russia’s ambassador to the UN has indicated that the draft goes in the right direction. Both China and Russia supported resolution 1718 that was imposed on North Korea after the 2006 nuclear test, […]

Customer service or lack thereof

Who among us hasn’t had an unpleasant dining experience thanks to a rude waiter, lousy food, and poor service? From the phone to the table, customer service is defined by anticipating customer demands, and these days, customers demand more; specifically in the form of service, and the service begins as […]