Top hotels in Las Vegas

Before your trip to Las Vegas, study what the different hotels have to offer, before you make your reservation! If it’s your first trip, prepare to be truly ‘wowed’ by the imagination and scale that Las Vegas hotels and casinos offer! The MGM Grand – Extremely luxurious accommodations, with the […]

Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakech, or the “red city,” is a sprawling, beautiful borough that blends the old-world aesthetics of the Middle East with the modern flair of today’s cities and towns. As a shining beacon in the North African country of Morocco, thousands visit Marrakech every week to catch a glimpse of the […]

Chocolate tourism in Ghana

Many years ago, Tettie Quarshie smuggled cocoa beans into Ghana. The first seed was planted in the country on the first cocoa farm located within the Cocoa Research Institute. Since then, it has become the economic backbone of the country, making Ghana the second largest producer and exporter of cocoa […]

sailing tobago

The Lat Long coordinates for Scarborough, Tobago’s main port, are 11 degrees 12 minutes north and 60 degrees 44 minutes west. There are two main ports of entry to Tobago, Scarborough on the south side of the island and Charlotteville on the northeast of the island. Tobago is a very […]