History of the Monsoons

Monsoons are winds that blow inland during the summer. They blow out to sea during winter. The best known monsoons occur in the northern region of the Indian Ocean. Monsoons are caused by uneven warming of the land and sea. Monsoon winds usually blow inland from April to October. In […]

Splake are just splendid

This article is one of a series of articles on catching the twenty species of trout in North America. The Splake is a different and unique fish that is probably the first hybrid trout ever produced. Splake is one of the first hybrids to be bred in hatcheries in the […]

A brief history of Bellwood, IL

Just 13 miles west of the Chicago Loop is the 2.4-square-mile town of Bellwood, IL, which is home to just over 19,000 people. Although the boundaries include the yards of the Union Pacific Railroad Proviso and the Eisenhower Expressway, life is far from the bustling activity of the city. With […]

Is the use of pheromone cologne ethical?

I think it’s a great question and certainly worth exploring. By using pheromone colognes that influence a woman’s subconscious, is she being manipulated by a man to do things that she would NOT otherwise do? To answer this question, we need to explore the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind. The […]

Oh! Be in england

My earliest memory of drinking tea was when I was a child and I was taken on a special visit to Lion’s Corner House in London. My eyes were stunned at the place of cream cakes, stacked on a silver 3-tier cake stand, and little sandwiches cut beautifully into all […]

State lines and PI: to cross or not to cross

State limits and PI: to cross or not to cross that is the question. A Shakespearean riddle. Your driver’s license is accepted in all 50 states. So is your marriage license. What about your IP license? NASIR stated, several years ago, that it hoped that one day the IP license […]