His most famous painting (Harlequin Carnival) – Joan Miro

The acclaimed painting, “Carnaval de Arlequín”, interpreted as an elucidation of the human subconscious mind, was a masterpiece of the famous Spanish painter, sculptor and ceramist Joan Miro (1893-1983). Of a modest and secluded nature, Joan was the son of a wealthy goldsmith. Created during 1924-1925, the “Harlequin Carnival” measures […]

Panini Sandwich Recipes

Panini sandwiches are famous for being healthy and delicious. They are the best substitute for those high-fat, high-calorie sandwiches you often eat. You no longer have to worry about gaining weight or ruining your diet as you can always include the healthy ingredients of your choice in your panini sandwiches. […]

The benefits of a potty training board

There are so many different methods and concepts that you can implement in your toilet training efforts with your daughter. Some people find that rewards like snacks and treats work well. Others have had incredible success using a potty training board. Graphics are available from various sources online, as well […]

Halloween and cards

One of the oldest holidays, Halloween is still celebrated in numerous nations around the world. In Spain, Latin America and Mexico, All Saints Day, which is the third day of Hallowmass, is the most important part of the celebration. Previously, in Canada and Ireland, this day was considered terrifying. It […]