Singapore-Open for business

One could choose any number of places to build a business these days. After all, Thomas Friedman has explained the new “flatter world” in great detail. The barriers provided by ancient enemies of distance and time have been all but erased by technology and vision. So the fact is that […]

Gay bars in Inverness

When visiting Inverness, while it is a great city to visit, you will only come across two gay bars. Although there are other bars and clubs to visit just Nico’s Bar and Bistro, along with Cactus Jak’s and Bar Pivo. When you visit Nico’s Bar and Bistro it’s on Ness […]

web design for beginners

Define your audience and their needs Defining the purpose and goals of your website should be your first step. Focus on what you want your website to achieve. Create a profile of your target audience and try to understand their needs and likes, and design the site with them in […]

NFL Visa Card Application

By now, you’ve probably seen the commercials for the NFL Visa credit card. Players like Tom Brady, linemen for the New England Patriots, and promoting the NFL. There are two key promotions going on right now regarding the NFL Visa Card and the NFL promotion using the logo. […]