Benefits of Free Online PC Games for Kids

Many parents fear allowing their children to play online because they believe that these games can be addictive and detrimental to their intellectual development. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as there are many benefits that online games can offer children. These games have proven to be very entertaining, educational, and safe for children who love to play them.

One of the obvious benefits of online games for children is that they will learn hand-eye coordination from a young age. This is a skill that will serve you well in the future in the various career paths you choose to take.

Another benefit of some of these online games is that they help the child to be more alert and attentive. Many children cannot focus on one thing at a time. Children get bored very easily and are always looking for the next exciting thing. However, these games are very exciting and children can concentrate on them for hours. Researchers have concluded that by helping children learn to sit still and focus on something for long periods of time, these games help children stay alert. This is a skill that will be in the future when they need to usefully focus in the classroom or stay alert while reading.

There are online games that have fans all over the world and children have the opportunity to play with other children from all corners of the world. This will help the child to be more aware of the world he lives in, as he will make friends with people from different countries and cultures.

Some of the games offered online are very educational and help children develop different skills, such as memory improvement. Some games even help the child to understand the subjects taught in school in a way that is more enjoyable for him. These games will help the child to learn in a fun environment and they are more likely to understand the concepts that the games are trying to teach.

Online games are very diverse and most of them offer many benefits for the little ones. Even those that do not appear to have any educational or intellectual value will ensure that the child has a lot of fun. Parents can supervise their children while they play these games to make sure they are playing online that are age appropriate.

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Boomtown: Cities with the Most New Construction

New construction in the United States is an important economic indicator that investors regularly use to draw conclusions about the strength of the economy. Every month around the 17th, the US Census Bureau and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development jointly publish the Residential New Construction Report. The strength of the housing market correlates with the state of many other consumer goods, such as new furniture and other household items that often go hand in hand with a move. The ‘housing starts’ report, as it is often called, is indicative of overall economic stability and these three cities topped the list last year.

3. New York

It should come as no surprise that the financial capital of the world is on this list. The engine of capitalism continues to hum as more and more people, especially young people, continue to flock to the Big Apple. As a result, the density of the city is getting worse. In areas like Brooklyn and the Bronx, smaller buildings are regularly torn down to make way for huge skyscrapers to house the growing population. Not everyone is satisfied with the accumulation, of course. Last year you saw more noise complaints at the City’s 311 than any other year, and this year you’re already on your way to breaking that record. There are also complaints, often turning into lawsuits, about the destruction of public space, loss of views and security. Still, as long as there’s an apartment market in New York, and it doesn’t look like demand is going to wane anytime soon, developers will continue to use every available space.

2. Dallas

Dallas itself is booming, but the real boom city for new construction is the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Plano, Texas, just a short drive from downtown Dallas, is poised to be the new North American headquarters of a major automaker, and Frisco is the fastest growing city in the United States. Dallas, like many of the state’s cities, is benefiting from Texas’ business-friendly tax code that has attracted 21 Fortune 500 companies to the state. Texas is no stranger to the boom and bust cycle. In the early 1980s, oil fortunes brought unprecedented opulence, but the wheel turned at the turn of the millennium. Many people worry that the long-term effects of tax cuts will hurt the city again, as low tax rates weaken infrastructure and schools lack long-term funding. For now, however, Dallas is in business.

1. Houston

For many of the same reasons as Dallas, Houston has weathered the recession and prevailed. There were more new construction in Houston than in any other city. As in the Lone Star State of old, the petrochemical industry has spurred Houston’s fortunes. The shale oil boom has brought back a wild mindset. Infrastructure and businesses have been around since the 1970s, but oil companies, and especially gas companies, are generating record profits and hiring more people for higher-paying jobs.

New construction isn’t the end of everything, but it’s a pretty reliable indicator of prosperity. These three cities are at the top of the list.

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How to perfect Kiryu Kazuma’s fighting style? – Yakuza 0

Chapter 1 of Yakuza 0 on PlayStation 4 (PS4) it starts at night, somewhere in the alley of Pink Street North, Kamurocho, Japan. You’re playing as Kiryu Kazuma in a hurry with his sworn brother Nishiki accosted by a foreign boy named Bacchus.

Bacchus continued to lecture Kiryu on how important it is to invest in his fighting skill, the Troublemaker style. Kiryu unleashes a blue aura around his shoulder, which cemented firmness and calm when encountering enemies.

Considered to be the closest to Kiryu’s true battle style in the entire Yakuza 0. Furthermore, the term Troublemaker involves a special ability to counter enemies and boss battles. You can absorb those hits when an instant red flash fires to retaliate against the enemy using a square, triangle, or circle button. Another amazing but effective way to fight on the streets of Kamurocho that saves button smashing.

Who is Bacchus?

Bacchus is a former boxing coach and loves to wander around Kamurocho, piling up debt. Saw the potential or in Yakuza 0 terms, a “monster“in Kiryu Kazuma, after witnessing him defeat a couple of drunks, to become one of the best fighters. So, as a result, he offers to train him in Tenkaichi Alley later in the main story.

Five special training lessons

You will face daily tasks of the underworld, meet with thugs, Yakuzas and Men in Black to loot some money to level up in Troublemaker style skills. After improving your skills, Bacchus will teach you five special moves throughout the game. Yakuza 0, bearing in mind that it must be in Heating Level 3 mode:

Extra counter solved

In the first lesson, you will learn the key to fighting by charging up your Resolute Counter, holding down an attack button, and charging the counter to knock out the enemy.

Facial twisting essence

The second lesson, you will learn about the essence of breaking defense using a face roll pressing the triangle. You will turn the enemy’s face while blocking your attack.

Essence of disarmament

Timing is absolutely of the essence in this lesson to do well against sword-wielding enemies. You must anticipate the enemy’s charge with your knife. Then quickly press the triangle button to perform this epic move.

Wall-Crushing Essence

For this lesson, you will need to lean against a wall. Then press the triangle to perform this finishing move. Kiryu will block the enemy’s foot and crush him with his elbow to give him an unforgettable painful experience.

Finishing Strike Essence

The ultimate and coolest heat action workout. You will start by doing a combination of pressing square, square, square, triangle to make the enemy fall. Then, quickly tap on the triangle to perform a finishing move after that combo. Kiryu will deliver a flying punch to the enemy to end this combo. Timing is absolutely critical between after your combo and the start of the finishing move.

After you have completed the five training lessons. Bacchus will give you one last task. The five hitmen appear and it’s time to put the five training lessons into practice. However, will it be enough for Kiryu Kazuma to survive on Kamurocho? Later, Bacchus will introduce you to his coaches; Kamoji for Rush style and Miss Tatsu by Beast style.

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Help Your Dog Give Birth to Puppies: What You Need to Know

Your family dog’s pregnancy is approaching the 63-day gestation period. There are many things you need to prepare for this event in advance.

The first thing to do is determine a location for this blessed event to take place. The best location will be secluded in a quiet area. Your dog will appreciate the security and privacy. It should be warm, dry and without drafts. You will also need access to an electrical outlet. First, you need to prepare a ‘birthing’ box (birthing is the process of giving birth). This birthing box should be large enough for her to lie flat on her side, including space for the puppies. Note that, depending on the breed, a litter can be any size, starting with one, but it can be as long as two digits. The birthing box should have a low front so your dog can get in and out easily. It is also ideal that the birthing box has at least two walls surrounding it. The best location would have three walls around the box. Note that if you have such a location, you and possibly your vet may need to fit in this space as well. Space for you to help your dog during labor and space for your vet in case of an emergency. Before presenting your dog, you will need a heat lamp in the birthing area. It should provide a constant temperature between 24º-27º Celsius / 75º-80º Fahrenheit. You will need to test this and adjust how high or low the lamp needs to be to reach this temperature. Make sure the lamp is anchored and the temperature cannot be changed to protect your puppies from literal cooking. Introduce your dog to the birthing box several weeks before you expect to deliver. You will need to get used to the space so that it is also where you sleep.

With the introduction of the birthing box, you will also need to start taking your dogs temperature twice a day and recording it in a Detail Log. The detail record will be used to record many important details during labor. It will contain details of each birth and will be invaluable to your vet in the event of an emergency. You should take the temperature when your dog is calm, in the morning and again at night. The normal temperature for a canine is between 38.5-39º Celsius / 101.3-102º Fahrenheit. Ask your vet how to take his temperature, it is a simple process. There will be a significant drop in her temperature to approximately 37º Celsius / 98º Fahrenheit within 24 hours before birth. Keeping a temperature log will alert you to impending labor and give you a 24-hour window to complete last minute preparations. One more thing to remember, during these last weeks of the gestation period, your dog will have puppies pressing on his bladder. You will need more opportunities to go outside to relieve yourself, but you can also have occasional “accidents.” Have plenty of newspaper all over the floor of your birthing area to allow these ‘accidents’ to happen with easy cleanup.

Childbirth checklist

Your vet’s 24-hour phone number, easily accessible in case of complications.
Large supply of newspapers for bedding.
Heavy towels or veterinary bedding for postpartum purposes. Do not use loose blankets or bedding as it creates a choking hazard for puppies.
Accurate scales to weigh each puppy at birth
A watch to record the time of each birth along with the weight.
Antiseptic lotion and sponge to clean your dog after giving birth.
Hot towels to dry puppies
A smaller box with a hot water bottle (heated only to blood temperature) in case your dog is emotionally immature or clumsy. Just to keep the pups warm and out of harm’s way
Jar of Vaseline
Trash cans for dirty paper, laundry basket for dirty towels
Strong sterile cotton or silk thread in case a puppy’s umbilical cord needs to be tied and a pair of sterilized blunt-tipped scissors
Your notebook containing the Record of details you should have places to record what time your waters broke (note the color of the discharge), the time / weight / color / sex / any obvious abnormalities of each new puppy, number of placentas / placentas that are sure not to have been retained (if one is retained and does not dissipate within 24 hours, call your veterinarian
Milk and glucose to offer your dog during labor
Snacks for you, it can take several hours and you should stay with her to see if there are signs of problems and to help with the puppies. You should never leave her alone for more than a few minutes.

So now you have all the preparations completed. Now you need to know what signs and behaviors to expect from your dog and how to help her and her puppies during labor. There are three stages of labor: labor, delivery, and postpartum.

Labor: FYI, dogs often give birth when it is calmer and calmer, it could be called into action in the early hours of the morning. Maintain a calm, reassuring, and relaxing tone of voice and use slow movements. Your dog will feel vulnerable and his protective instincts will heighten. When the contractions start, you will be restless, you can only relax for a few minutes. You may walk, refuse food, gasp, shake, or vomit. It may build a nest and start scratching the bedding. You may notice a discharge of mucus from the vulva. This is the fluid or ‘water’ sac and when this sac breaks, the first calf must be born within 2 hours. The waters will come out of the vagina and will be yellow and slimy. If your dog is having strong contractions, which you will be able to see moving from the rib cage to the abdomen for more than an hour after the waters without giving birth to the first puppy, call your vet.

Birth: Observe the appearance of discharge after the birth of the first calf. A dark green or blood-colored discharge may mean that the placenta has begun to separate from the uterine wall. This could mean that the puppy is lacking oxygen and needs to be cleaned quickly. With that said, if the first puppy is fine and the discharge of the same color appears before each puppy, there is probably nothing to worry about. The new mom instinctively licks the puppy’s membrane and cuts the umbilical cord which dries and warms the puppy, clears mucus from the nose and mouth, and stimulates it to begin breathing. Licking also causes chemical changes in his brain that cause an emotional bond to form between mom and puppy. Additional pups will be born at intervals of between 10 and 60 minutes and an average of 20 minutes between them, depending on the breed. If you have strong contractions for 30 minutes or more without producing another puppy, call your vet.

For emotionally immature or over-tired moms, you may need to step in to help. From your supply of hot towels, clean the birth membrane of the face, especially the nose and mouth. Holding the puppy at a downward angle, pat him dry and pat him dry while leaving excess fluid in the airways. Gently rub their chest with a towel to get the puppies to begin to breathe. CPR may be needed if you do not start breathing. Remove the umbilical cord with a thread about ½ inch from the puppy’s body and then cut the cord between the tether and the placenta. Place the puppy next to mom.

Afterbirth: Each puppy has its own umbilical cord and placenta. The placenta must follow the birth of each puppy, usually just before the next one emerges. It will be a reddish-black mass accompanied by a dark green liquid. Your new mother will instinctively eat each cub’s placenta to hide the evidence of vulnerable cubs. (another reason to keep an accurate record of postparties in the Detail Record)

The last couple of things to ensure during labor is to keep the litter together. This will keep the puppies warm and reduce the chances of the mom rejecting a pup. After the birth of the last cub, your new mom will open up to nurse. You need to make sure that each puppy has located a nipple and has started feeding. After feeding, the mother will lick the genitals and anus of each puppy to stimulate it to urinate and defecate. It will consume all of its puppies’ bodily waste, again instinctively, to hide it from predators and danger.

I hope this has made you feel better prepared to welcome your family’s dog puppies into the world. You will soon be able to find more information from this series on raising and caring for new puppies by following this link …

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Spirituality: enlightening cinema

“Let me tell you why you are here. You are here because you know something. What you know, you cannot explain. But you feel it. You have felt it all your life. That there is something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it is there. Like a splinter in your mind, driving you crazy. ” -Morpheus, the womb

This is not a list of movie reviews and it is not complete. These are just a few notes on some movies that I think are helpful in waking up and why, or not, and why not. With understanding tools, the bad is often better than the good.

The main themes represented on this list appear to be these:

– heresy

– Captive / Captor

– Teacher – student

– Nature of the self / man

– Death / rebirth

– Cataclysm / Epiphany

– Distrust of mind / memories

The only thing I could advise with regard to movies and books is that you elevate the material to the level where it is valuable to you. Orwell could have been writing an anti-communist manifesto, but Nineteen Eighty-Four is much more interesting seen as the struggle between man and his confinement. Apocalypse Now is about more than Vietnam, how to get ahead in advertising is about more than rampant commercialism, etc.

::: American Beauty

“I feel like I’ve been in a coma for the past

twenty years. And now I’m waking up. “

I have included American Beauty mainly because of what is wrong with it. Lester’s major death / rebirth transition shows promise, but what is he transitioning to? Backwards to teen shit, not forward in any sense. A regression based on fear. Stupid car, stupid drugs, stupid vanity, stupid skirt chase. Not at all redeemed when Lester sees his own insanity near the end or by the voice-over of a corny / flattering dead guy.

The film is slightly redeemed by the presence of the near-mystical neighbor boy and his video of a bag blown by the wind:

“That was the day I realized there was a lifetime behind things, and this incredibly benevolent force that wanted me to know that there was no reason to be afraid, ever.”

::: Apocalypse now

“In a war there are many times for compassion and tender action. There are many times for ruthless action, which is often called ruthless, which in many circumstances can be just clarity, clearly seeing what needs to be done and doing it. straight up, fast, awake, looking at it. “

You’d think Apocalypse Now Redux, the director’s cut, would be the version to watch, but all the things that were properly cut from the original have been incorrectly replaced. (Raising the interesting point that directors and authors often do not understand the higher applications of the stories they are telling.) Stick with the original in both Redux and Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.

Apocalypse Now is all about horror. A journey of discovery, to the heart of darkness, reaching this horror. What is horror? How do you get there? Why would someone take such a trip? Should you take that trip? Why or why not?

Consider the powerful epiphanies that drive the movie. The letter from the first murderer home, (“Sell the house, sell the car, sell the kids …”), Dennis Hopper’s youthful exuberance, Kurtz’s diamond bullet, Willard’s “… Ya I wasn’t even in their army. “

::: Being there

“Spring, summer, fall, winter … then spring again.”

A beautiful movie ruined by a stupid trick of walking on water added to the end. Without that nonsense, the viewer would be free to think, decide, wonder. Instead, the movie closes with its clever little goofy twist. Hit the stop button when Chauncey is straightening the sapling, before the ruinous denouement, and it’s a fun and charming movie.

::: Bounty hunter

“I have seen things you would not believe. Attack burning ships from Orion’s shoulder. I have seen the C-beams glow in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain. Time to die “.

Were you born five minutes ago? Of course not, and you have the memory to prove it. You would know if they were artificial implants, because, uh …

::: Discard

“I couldn’t even kill myself the way that

wanted. He had no power over anything. “

If a man screams on a desert island and no one is listening, does he make a sound? Is it enough that he hears it himself? If not? What is left when you take everything off?

Naked car.

This movie raises many intriguing questions about the substance of the self, or the lack of it, and includes some very Zen praise.

::: Society of Dead Poets


::: Harold and Maude

“Vice, virtue. It is better not to be

too moral … Aim above morality. “

American Zen, teacher and disciple.

::: Harvey

“For years I was smart … I recommend nice.”

Elwood P. Dowd, wise man. A sweet description of a higher order being misinterpreted as a lower order of beings. Would we recognize the Higher Man when we saw him?

::: How to advance in advertising

“Everything I do now makes perfect sense.”

A frustrated bet for freedom. A failed attempt to overthrow Maya. Enjoy the madness of the epiphany.

::: Joe vs the volcano

“Nobody knows anything, Joe. We will take this leap and

we’ll see. We will jump in and see. That’s life, right? “

Death and rebirth. Unlike American Beauty, it’s about moving forward, “away from the stuff of man.”

::: Man looking southeast (Man Looking Southeast)

Pay special attention to the visual poem of a man collapsing a human brain in a sink while searching for the soul.

::: Matrix

“Like everyone else, you were born in captivity, you were born into a prison that you cannot smell, taste or touch. A prison for your mind.”

Plato’s cave for the people. As allegorically lucid as Joe vs. Vocano, Pleasantville, and Star Wars.

::: The Life of Brian from Monty Python

“No, no! It is a sign that, like Him, we should think not

of the things of the body, but of the face and the head! “

Sacred Cow-tipping at its best.

“Meaning of life” also belongs to this list.

::: 1984

“If you want a glimpse of the future, Winston,

imagine a boot stamping a human face, forever. “

This movie is unique in that it is as good as the book, which is an extremely intimate portrait of the captor / captive relationship, Maya / man. Compare this to Moby-Dick or One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, which are excellent books but useless movies.

::: One flew over the cuckoo’s nest

As with Moby-Dick, Hollywood castrated the book. They stripped it of its archetypal dimensions and reduced it to a pointless fight between McMurphy and Nurse Ratched. Great entertainment, but for meaningful information, read the book.

::: Pleasantville

“There are some places where the road does not follow a circle. There are some places where it follows its path.”

A joyous story of heresy in which no one is burned at the stake and the new paradigm is finally accepted by all.

::: Razor’s edge

“The dead seem terribly dead.”

The razor’s edge is what makes it interesting; Seeing Larry balancing shakily on the fine line between what he was and what he’s becoming. Walk the boundary between two lives. Bill Murray’s version is a bit out of focus … stick with Tyrone Power or read the book.

Maugham allegedly used Ramana Maharshi as a model for the holy man in the novel.

::: Star Wars

“The force will be with you, always.”

The first, where Lucas makes the transition from flesh to spirit.

The hero’s journey.

::: The thin red line

“Perhaps all men have a great soul

a part of, all faces are the same man. “

A sublime investigation into the spiritual nature of man. More of a sad / sweet song than a narrative movie.

::: The thirteenth floor

“So what are you saying? Are you saying

that there is another world above this? “

Layer after layer. Turtles on top of turtles.

::: Vanilla Sky / Open Your Eyes

“Open your eyes.”

If you like Vanilla Sky, check out the original, the Spanish movie Abre Los Ojos. These two films may be the best of the bunch for our purposes; the closest thing to an allegory of enlightenment.

Of course, the interesting thing about lighting is getting there, not being there, and that’s what these films are about; wake up from a false reality, open your eyes. It is not so much about what is real as what is not.

It is the story of the journey one takes to get to the place where anything, even jumping off a tall building, would be better than continuing to live a lie, even a beautiful and happy lie.

Be aware of the presence of the true guru, explaining in clear terms why jumping off the building is the best thing to do and waiting patiently for it to be done.

::: Life awake

“They say dreams are only real while

they last. Couldn’t you say the same about life? “

Wide-ranging philosophical research. Provocative. Fun. Potentially disruptive.

::: Wings of Desire

“When the child was a child, it was time for these questions: Why am I and why not you? Why am I here and why not there? When did time begin and where does space end?”

A charming, intelligent and thought-provoking film. Can the awakened being return to the dream state? Would he want to?

::: Others

Some other movies that reward thoughtful viewing are The Wizard of Oz, About Schmidt, What Dreams May Come, Total Recall, All the Mornings Of the World, and of course many more.

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Everything you wanted to know about Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog was originally a game character and hero in many games created by Sega for the Sega Genesis. Artist Naoto Oshima, designer Hirokazu Yasuhara, and programmer Yuji Naka are credited with creating Sonic, the blue anthropomorphic hedgehog, who can outrun the speed of sound. That’s one of the main factors of games, in case you didn’t know.

Sonic was created when it was time for Sega to get a new pet, as Alex Kidd, a cute boy with oversized ears, was getting old. At first, Sonic, or “Mr. Needlemouse” as he was known in the concept stage, was not the only character to be considered the new mascot, but he obviously won.

It had competition for the pet spot from players like Mighty the Armadillo and Ristar, who you probably haven’t heard of, which shows how much more popular Sonic became than those games. Sonic’s color was chosen to match Sega’s cobalt blue logo.

After the first start of Sonic, a team of fifteen people worked on it, with the soundtrack composed by Masato Nakamura of the band Dreams Come True. In a joint venture, Sega sponsored one of the band’s tours. In exchange for this, Sega was able to paint Sonic on the band’s bus and hand out flyers and other promotional media before the concerts, as well as play back footage from the game on stage before the concerts.

Over the years, Sonic has remained the same character, but has a different appearance depending on the designers and artists of the “Sonic Team”, as they call themselves, at the time. The original presentation of Sonic, designed by Ohshima, was very short, childish, had short spikes, and had a round body. The Ohshima design artwork was drawn by Akira Wantabe and used in the Sonic the Hedgehog pack artwork.

Many games that followed this original game also used similar designs. Starting with Sonic Adventure in 1998, Sonic was redesigned by Yuji Uekawa and now appeared as a taller hedgehog with longer legs and a less spherical body, longer, drooping beaks, and green eyes. More, but less noticeable, changes have been made to Sonic’s design in many of the following games.

Derivative media, such as cartoons, flash games, and the like, use all the basic designs used by the “Sonic Team” designers, but they also have their own unique look and feel.

Sonic’s debut came in 1991 with the release of the platform game Sonic the Hedgehog, also known as Sonic 1, for the Sega Genesis. This game also featured Sonic’s nemesis Dr. Robotnik, who was renamed Dr. Eggman after a while. Next in the long line of Sonic games came Sonic 2, introducing the Super Sonic form of Sonic and the soon-to-be Spin Dash. Sonic’s sidekick, the lovable character known as Tails, was also introduced to this game. Sonic 2 was released in 1992. A year later, Sonic CD arrived, featuring Amy Rose, Sonic’s girlfriend, and Metal Sonic, Sonic’s future counterpart.

This installment of the Sonic series involved Sonic traveling through time to save the world. Both Sonic the Hedgehog 3, and its sequel Sonic & Knuckles, were released the following year in 1994. In Sonic 3, Sonic and Tails once again had to fight the evil Dr. Robotnik, and in Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic had to to struggle. against Knuckles the Echidna, who had been tricked by Dr. Robotnik into fighting Sonic in the first place.

Then came many minor games that seem to predict the end of the Sonic era, with releases like Sonic Chaos, Sonic Triple Trouble, Sonic Blast, and Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure. Next, however, the “Sonic Team” returned to the saddle and produced another great Sonic game, this is Sonic Adventure, which was released in 1998.

This is the first game to have a full voice for Sonic, and it was also the first time in Western releases that Dr. Robotnik was called Dr. Eggman. The next game didn’t come until 2001, and it was Sonic Adventure 2. In Sonic Adventure 2, you play as Sonic, who has been mistaken for a new military enemy named Shadow, who by the way, looks a lot like Sonic except for color. It’s probably due to the fact that they are both hedgehogs, but you could be wrong.

After this game, Sonic moved to Nintendo handhelds with the releases of Sonic Advance in 2001 and Sonic Advance 2 in 2002. After this, the Sonic Heroes game for the Game Cube, which had Sonic, Shadow, Tails, and others. characters who come together to fight a new Metal Sonic, who has betrayed his master. After Sonic Heroes, we see the little blue hedgehog return to Game Boys with the releases of Sonic Advance 3 in 2004, and Sonic Rush in 2005. 2006 found Sonic in the underwater city of Soleanna, where he has to rescue Princess Elise from the Dr. Eggman while avoiding Silver the Hedgehog, his new nemesis.

The following year, we got another installment of Sonic on the Game Boy with Sonic Rush Adventure, we also got a more role-playing look of Sonic with Sonic and the secret rings, where he helped a ring genie collect the seven rings of the world. and defeat the evil Erazor Djinn.

Sonic has also become many television series. Four out of five of these series have been released in the US. The names of the series were Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, which included lessons for children, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Underground, and Sonic X. In the first two series, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog, Jaleel White was the voice of Sonic. It has also appeared many times on the print media front, as well as on the visual media front. Sonic’s first appearance was in a promotional comic in Disney Adventures magazine.

This comic showed the origins of the entire Sonic saga, and also surprisingly revealed that Sonic was originally brown. Many British publications, including Stay Sonic and Sonic the Comic, were based on this idea that Sonic was originally brown. Archie Comics produced the American Sonic comics, Sonic the Hedgehog, which began in 1993, and Sonic X, which began more recently in 2005, both of which are still running today, and both are also based on their television show counterparts.

The Sonic the Hedgehog series is the second longest-running licensed comic book series in American comic book history for Marvel’s Conan. Two comics have also been published in France; They were called Sonic Adventures, and the Sonic manga has also been released in Japan. In addition to traditional print and visual media, Sonic has also appeared in a ton of flash games, ranging from 2D platformer-style reconstructions to RPGs and everything in between and around him.

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The PC gaming industry is slowly dying

By now, the decline of the PC gaming industry should be apparent to PC gamers around the world. Part of the decline was due to new interest in next-gen game consoles (XBox 360, PS3, Wii), but sadly another motivating cause is the continued piracy of PC games.

From what I can tell, this demise started sometime in 2007, but had a notable major impact in 2008. In 2008, we saw a shift away from PC games and much more towards console games. Games like Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, and Fallout 3 were released on consoles before being released for PC. The fact that three big-name first-person shooter games were delayed on PC really says something. Before next-gen consoles, first-person shooters generally preferred the PC over the console; now it’s the other way around. Fallout was originally a PC game series, however; The tide has turned and Fallout 3 was released to consoles months before it was available on PC. GRRRRRRRR. . . keyboard / mouse >>>>> controller, damn!

If that’s not enough, how about an FPS and (drum roll please) an RTS game released exclusively for consoles? The two games in question are Battlefield: Bad Company and Tom Clancy’s End War. Finding out that Battlefield: Bad Company’s PC development was nowhere to be found, he was really pissed off. Battlefield 2142 took a long time to be replaced, but EA slows PC gamers a blind eye. What an insult! They are resisting the same people who made the Battlefield series a success.

End War is another story – (for the furry ones who thought of this) what the heck, guys? Do you know what gamers think of when you put RTS and console in the same sentence? Starcraft 64 (what a big blunder). However, the fact that End War is actually a decent average game should make you believe that the PC counterpart was in the works right away. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Although PC development is underway, creative director Michael de Plater blames piracy for the delay.

So fellow PC readers and gamers, please support the industry you love so much. We should consider ourselves lucky that Far Cry 2 was released simultaneously on both PC and consoles, but that may not be the case in the future. How about Far Cry 3 being a console-only game? I hope you see the trend that the PC gaming industry is taking. One of the only ways to revive the industry is to stop hacking! Bottom line: either buy the game and hope for better games or hack the game and don’t even think of a sequel.

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Choosing a first dance

The first dance is something many brides dream of for years and something that grooms are terrified of, in general.

The tradition comes from years past where the bride and groom (as then) were the guests of honor, and therefore they opened the event with a dance.

The first dance no longer has to be the first action the dance floor sees. Just as well, as in many cases, my clients’ guests have pleasantly warmed up the dance floor before the guests of honor take the floor together.

Choosing the right song can be a headache, most importantly it should be personal for both of you. No matter what viral video you’ve seen or the previous wedding you’ve also been to, the moment should stick in your head as a special moment for decades to come, and that’s easier if the song is related to both of you.


One way to help choose the right song is to decide what kind of style you want, you want a romantic ballad with lots of slow dancing, looking into your partner’s eyes while your guests look on in admiration. Or do you prefer to have something a little more fun? Is there a song that you both like to sing with all your heart? Something with a funky beat that they can rock to, maybe throw a cheeky moonwalk?

Why not think outside the box? If you both love ’90s dance tunes but are worried they might not suit the occasion, why not find acoustic versions of your favorite tracks? You can make the tempo develop slowly to build your second song that really starts the night!

Of course, the choice of the song is the most important aspect of the First Dance, but don’t forget the little details that can make a big difference, such as the lighting, what to do with your guests, how to present it, how to get the perfect image. .

Stay tuned for future blogs where I will discuss the finer points to make your First Dance a moment to remember.

Here are some popular options for ideas to flow:

Modern / Graphic

“Thinking Aloud” by Ed Sheeran
“All of Me” by John Legend
“How Long Will I Love You?” By Ellie Goulding
“Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars
“All About You” by McFly
“Hey Ho” by The Lumineers


“You are the glow of my life” by Stevie Wonder
Queen’s “Somebody To Love”
Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight”
“Your Song” by Elton John
“Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green
“At last” Etta James


“It must be love” from Madness
“Better Together” by Jack Johnson
“You and Me Song” by The Wannadies
“Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen
“Everything” by Michael Buble

Thank you for reading

Steven x

© 2018 Steven Maddison

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Does hair shed more when telogen effluvium recovery begins?

Yesterday, I received an email from a reader who wanted to know if it is possible to see a worsening or acceleration of the shedding of telogen effluvium as recovery begins. In other words, does the molt get worse before it gets better? Does a shed worsening mean recovery is on the way? I will address these concerns in the next article.

My experience with telogen effluvium recovery: I had many episodes of TE and CTE before I could identify my trigger to stop it. In my experience, you see a gradual decline in shedding as recovery approaches. Here is a specific example. A long time ago, I used to count my hair. I would absolutely tell you not to start this practice. It will only annoy you more. It will only make you feel like you will go bald in just a few weeks. It will only make you focus on what is happening right now rather than on recovery.

That said, however, it used to count. Over the course of, say, a year, I went from losing more than 250 hairs a day for several months, to losing around 180 a day. Over the course of a month, it went down to around 150. Then to around 90. My average after that dropped to around 50, where it stayed for about three months. Today, you could lose around 15 or more, but that includes shampoo and styling. (I’m not really sure about these numbers. I don’t count anymore. But I did this long enough to be able to look at the spent hairs and know roughly how many there are).

Again, I can’t emphasize enough that you don’t want or need to take actual inventory, but like I said, you can look at what’s missing and know if that amount is decreasing or increasing.

What about people who say the shedding got worse before it got better ?: If you spend any time on hair loss forums, you know there are people out there who will tell you that things were darker before dawn, that they went from extreme rapid hair loss to almost nothing overnight. I don’t doubt these people. But I think what probably happened is that they had a very identifiable trigger that they were able to eliminate overnight (they stopped taking the medications that were causing this or healed their inflamed scalp).

However, what sometimes happens is that people introduce a “treatment” that makes the shed worse. They may be adding some hormones or trying rogaine or a hair growth stimulator that ruins your scalp. What happens then is that they realize that their loss is getting out of hand and they finally give it up. Well, what has happened is that this treatment went ahead and stripped them of the hairs that they were going to lose anyway at once, so that when they stopped, the loss accelerated and ended in that period of time.

Again, TE may get worse before recovery, but in my experience this is the exception rather than the rule. Most people see a gradual reduction until finally the amount of hair lost returns to normal levels.

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The advantages and disadvantages of leather office chairs

For years, the leather executive office chair has been described as the epitome of class, success, prestige and wealth. Watch almost any TV show or movie that features an office figure being admired and admired and see what kind of chair they are sitting on. The vast majority of the time, the chair they’re sitting in is a leather office chair. Even imagining a leather office chair, the first person that comes to mind when I think I’d be sitting in it would be a high-powered executive. While leather office chairs, like any other type of chair, have a notorious reputation and are in demand, they have advantages and disadvantages.

One of the key advantages of having a leather office chair over a chair with a fabric material is ease of maintenance. Leather upholstery is generally easy to maintain and can be cleaned simply by wiping the chair with a clean damp cloth. Applying a special leather cleaner every six months or so also maintains the overall appearance of the chair. If maintained with care, a good quality leather upholstered chair will develop its own patina to give your chair a distinctive appearance as it matures and ages.

Besides being easy to maintain, leather office chairs also give off an aura of prestige and power. Leather chairs not only give off an aura of power, but they also look great and are appropriate in any business setting, be it at work or at home. Some leather office chair manufacturers also offer a variety of custom color upholstered options so those who want a more unique chair can purchase that green leather office chair they have been wanting to get. Although around 90% of the leather office chairs produced generally come in the standard black color, with white and burgundy coming in second and third in color popularity.

One problem that some people seem to find with leather is the tendency to shine clothing, especially for those who wear expensive outfits or business suits to work. You may find that your clothes wear out more quickly than before if you were sitting in a fabric or mesh chair.

If you work in an office that does not have air conditioning or it is very hot, especially during the summer months, your leather office chair may make you sweat and perspire excessively. However, some high-quality leathers come with a breathable finish that will help reduce or even eliminate this problem.

One big downside that isn’t necessarily the chairs’ fault is that people get fooled into buying chairs that are advertised as cheap leather office chairs. They think they are getting an incredible bargain price when in reality really cheap chairs with leather upholstery will always be a compromise, they are often made from very low quality leather trimmings and scraps that have been assembled to cover the chair. This leather can be thin and brittle, which means that the chair will not last long and will start to rip over time.

As mentioned above, with any chair or indeed any product, there are pros and cons. Whether you can overcome the positives from the negatives is ultimately your decision, but more importantly, as a general rule of thumb, is that if a chair sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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