LCD – Liquid crystal: an oxymoron?

Liquid crystal is not an oxymoron. Know what it is? Have you ever wondered how it works? There are liquid crystal displays or LCDs in almost every electronic device that requires a screen: watches, computers, clocks, you name it. So what they do is put liquid crystal between two sheets […]

Why do twin flames fight?

Everyone has a Twin Flame, because they are their anima/animus and potentially your perfect match. This relationship needs special consideration and is very intense, especially in the early stages. The great psychologist Carl Jung discovered that each person has an image of his or her perfect match within his or […]

emotional text messages

emotional text messages – When to share and when to hang up Sharing your anxiety or frustrations these days is as easy as taking your phone out of your pocket. When your unreasonable boss or a demanding family member is stressing you out, the temptation to share your annoyance with […]

Tips to Repair a Broken Barbie Neck

Barbie dolls are so popular that almost every girl has at least one. There is no need to throw away or forget about your Barbie doll if she has anatomical problems. If her daughter’s Barbie doll has a damaged neck, don’t despair, it’s easy to fix! The following are some […]

Yawning at Tigers (Book Review)

“Yawning at Tigers: You Can’t Tame God, So Stop Trying” is a book by Drew Dyck, managing editor of “Leadership Journal,” a publication of “Christianity Today.” I first heard of Mr. Dyck about a year ago when I started following him on Twitter. To my surprise, one day he tweeted […]

Los Angeles needs the monorail

Los Angeles County voters last November approved Measure M, overwhelmingly with 71 percent voter support, providing $120 billion for local transportation needs over the next generation. Planning, efforts, and developments are underway in Los Angeles to expand bike lanes and rail service, which is great, but much more is required […]