Detox during menstruation

Doctors and medical professionals generally advise against commercial detoxification during pregnancy or menstruation. Many warnings are given when a person is “normal”, but they can be even worse if you are pregnant or on your menstrual cycle. There is always the much healthier, natural type of detox that is recommended […]

What is a Boutique Lounge?

Shopping: the way of the future The beauty business is undergoing a big change for the better: salons are adding boutiques, entire centers of fashion accessories that bring more sales and profit for your business. The key to your success? Boutique: a new salon service that complements traditional beauty services. […]

signs of alcohol withdrawal

It probably comes as no surprise that alcohol withdrawal worsens as one becomes more dependent. Almost everyone knows what a hangover looks like, it hits you the next morning and you deal with it the next day, and after 24 hours everything is pretty much back to normal. Of course, […]

How yoga can help release energy from the spine

The human body is a wonderful thing, and our spines are marvelous mechanical feats, made up of dozens and dozens of vertebrae, all interlocking and then held together by cartilage and ligaments. Of all mammals, we have the smallest base of support, the highest center of gravity, and the heaviest […]