How to write narcissistic characters

Because story writing is about conflict, and many compelling stories are about love, a lot of dramatic tension can be created using a narcissist as a character. Often attractive and charming, the narcissist, like the psychopath, has the ability to attract people and use them for his own purposes. This […]

Female Masturbation Techniques

Just because you don’t have a man doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a happy sex life. Masturbation will help a woman get in touch with what really turns her on. This is information that you can share with your man or keep to yourself. These are some masturbation techniques that […]

6th and Gladys-Skid Row-Los Angeles

The corner of 6th and Gladys Street in downtown Los Angeles is much like any other in this bustling city. Lots of traffic, lots of pedestrians, and lots of dirt and grime. But this corner is also unique. Almost a magical corner. And somewhere at this intersection, in both the […]