The mysterious effects of catnip

I have had cats my entire life and had heard of catnip and its effects, but refused to use it until I gathered enough information. When all I knew about this herb was that it has potentially psychedelic effects on cats, I was hesitant to experiment with it. After years […]

How to take care of your pet dog

He will be there by your side, as your loving partner; It will offer you protection if the need ever arises. Dog owners, in turn, must know how to care for their dog and be responsible for it. The dog’s needs are simple and easy to follow. When the puppies […]

What breeds of cats do not have fur?

When you think of cats, you think of long or short haired cats with patterned fur that is soft and cuddly. But there is a third category that takes a bit of getting used to: hairless cats that are hairless in the traditional sense. Sphynx The Sphynx is perhaps the […]

Medinose Plus review: is it good?

It’s coming to that time of year that hay fever sufferers dread. Along with the beautiful warm weather comes the nasty pollen surge, which, frankly, we could do without. Alternatively, you may be struggling with a pet allergy, which can develop after years of being around a cat or dog […]

The love is for ever

My magical cat, Silver, approached me in a dream. And then he brought me Jezibel. When my previous cat, Miss Winters, made the transition, I was deeply sorry. Friends kept calling me to tell me they knew of a cat that needed a home, but I knew she wasn’t ready […]