Learn the six levels of a dog bite

Aggression is a survival skill required by all canines. Dogs bite for many reasons. In the last two decades it has become fashionable among dog trainers and behaviorists to attempt to resolve and eliminate canine aggression. A typical definition of “bite” is “grasp with the teeth to enter, grasp or […]

Your Dog’s Best Friend: Dog Crate Training

I have heard many people claim that crate training a dog is cruel. They see such confinement as an infringement on the dog’s natural freedom. After all, who would want to be confined? Most humans wouldn’t, however, to see things from a dog’s eyes, you have to understand how one […]

Where to See Celebrities in Nashville

Like Los Angeles, New York, and Miami, Nashville has more celebrities than most cities. Beyond country music stars, Nashville is home to Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton, actress Nicole Kidman, pop star Jewell, and many more. So where should you go to see a celebrity in Nashville? Well, as it […]

Treats for your pet pigeon

People pamper their cats and dogs with treats, so why not pamper your pet pigeon too? Well, you may be wondering, “What kind of treats do pigeons eat?” The first thing you can do to discover this is to experiment and see what your pigeon likes. But I’ll help get […]

A Puggle Fact Sheet

Puggles are a fairly recent breed of designer dog. There is a large amount of material available about them on the Internet. What is provided here is brief facts about the breed that you can use to search for more information. o ORIGIN: The Puggle is a cross between a […]