Watch Movies Online

People’s movie watching habits are changing as we get more busy with our lives. Demand is becoming the status quo and with advancements in internet technology and video streaming capabilities, now is the time to participate in this wonderful revolutionary entertainment value. Did you know that while most people search […]

Fitbit, fun, forensics and enemies

Have you tracked your 10,000 steps today? Has anyone else tracked them down? Fitness trackers are big business, they help people get and stay fit, and they help them share their progress with friends and sometimes strangers. Probably the best known of these devices (and apps) are FitBit and the […]

Digital games in education

Hate them or love them, digital games are here for the long haul. It is easy to dismiss these games as distractions, particularly when evidence has shown that some children even exhibit addictive behavior towards computer games (Harris, 2001). Since the first commercial computer game, Computer Space, in 1971, digital […]

Play fun games online

If you are looking for an alternative to classic games, the online games that you can find everywhere on the internet today may be just what you are looking for. You can search for games of all kinds on the Internet all over the world and find out exactly which […]

The best phones to buy in 2017

2017 is expected to be the year of surprising surprises in the smartphone segment. There is always something waiting behind the scenes as the evolution of smartphones accelerates. As soon as you decide to buy a new phone, there is another anticipation of a new mobile phone, with more advanced […]

R4i King Card for DSi XL and DS Lite

This is a card that supports DS, DSL, Dsi, and Dsi LL. The R4i King card supports clean ROM and DDLI function and is a great addition for game compatibility. The advantage of these cards is the compatibility features that they house, which makes one get the most out of […]

Self-control: Who’s in charge here?

When faced with an emotional situation, self-control is not easy. In the face of your partner’s actions, it’s hard not to react. Learning to stop and think, to respond thoughtfully and carefully rather than quickly and automatically, takes practice. However, self-control is always worth mastering, because it makes every moment […]

PlayStation Mini – Awesome or no ideas?

And although I initially hopped on the HYPE train, now that I’ve slept on it, I’m getting less and less excited. Disappointing lineup announced so far It is exactly that. Jumping Flash, while groundbreaking at the time (pun intended), has aged poorly and never seems to be on anyone’s top […]