History of the satellite dish

The history of the satellite dish dates back to the 1970s, when there were no satellite TV providers like there are today and while satellite TV was in its infancy in 1976, HBO was the first station to provide its programming to the cable companies by broadcasting satellite television. This, […]

involuntary associations

Walter obtained a lease on valuable property that could be developed for office and commercial use. Walter, lacking the funds to develop the property, borrowed money from Sam, handed over a promissory note for the amount borrowed, but told Sam that he would share the proceeds of the endeavor with […]

the lemonade stand

One of the best ways to learn about finance is to start with a real-world story that everyone can relate to, a story that even children can understand. The most iconic, if not the most enjoyable, business venture from childhood is the lemonade stand. Setting a table and serving drinks […]

Are Trade Carbon Credits Ethical?

Trade Carbon Credits Ethical Carbon offsets are a way to reduce emissions from coal, oil, and natural gas. They are also a part of a carbon neutrality plan. It is not a fool proof method of reducing emissions, but it is a step in the right direction. The question of […]