Day Trade Futures

When you day trade futures, you enter and exit all positions on the same day, never holding a position overnight. Since overnight market movements are difficult to predict, many traders avoid risk by day trading. Ironically, the public believes that day trading is the riskiest way to trade. THIS IS […]

Prenup: An opt-out option in the marriage contract?

Getting married is something that should not be undertaken without much thought. It’s supposed to be a lifetime commitment, and it should be approached that way. Unfortunately, more than 53 percent of all marriages end in divorce in the United States. With divorce rates still so high, many people who […]

Kakuro Blocks

There is no direct and easy way to solve kakuro puzzles. Either you sweat, thinking of possible combinations, or you do the tedious paper-and-pencil method. People generally spend more time thinking of combinations than completing puzzles. You know the excitement people get after solving kakuro puzzles? It usually happens after […]

If you’re looking for an adult-only Belize vacation

adult-only Belize vacation If you’re looking for an adult-only Belize vacation, look no further than the many all-inclusive resorts available. These resorts have a range of activities to choose from. From cooking classes to parkour, you’ll find something to keep everyone busy. If you’d like to take advantage of the […]

What is pay-only financial planning?

The world of financial advice is divided into 3 main categories. The traditional financial advisor is what most people are familiar with. This is the most common arrangement where a financial advisor works for an institution and sells products. Financial advice is given “free” and is part of the process […]

business plan outline example

If you are looking for a partner, financing, angular investor or venture capital, you will be asked for a business plan. Even if he doesn’t need capital for the formation of his new business, he’ll be glad he prepared a business plan to help prove to himself that he’s got […]