Earn money for writing memoirs

Many memoirs are written for personal satisfaction, often appearing as books of less than a hundred pages that are distributed to a small number of family and friends. Often no more than twenty-five books are printed. There is no intention that the book will become an international bestseller. You can […]

The Evolution of Real Estate

Arguably, the Internet has not had a more significant impact on any industry than real estate. It has effectively changed the way prospective homebuyers find the property they ultimately purchase. Here’s the most compelling stat to back up my argument: According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 70% of […]

Property Tax – Pros and Cons

The property tax may be the fairest and at the same time not so fair tax collected by the municipalities. Two of the determining factors of how much an individual will pay for this type of tax can be affected are where they live and a person’s economic condition. While […]