Dutch ovens: with legs or without legs

Have you ever noticed how some cast iron dutch ovens have little feet on the bottom and some don’t? Have you ever wondered what those little legs are for? Well, believe it or not, those little legs make all the difference in how you’re going to cook with your cast […]

The Christian Philosophy of Leadership

In the scenario described in Matthew Chapter Twenty, the mother of James and John approached Jesus to ask her children to sit with her in His Kingdom. This provided the opportunity for Jesus to introduce three key attitudes into Christian leadership: suffering, parity, and service. Suffering The pressures of leadership […]

Ghana Life: trees and place names

Trees play an important role in Akan culture. They feature centrally in the famous anansesem, or spider stories, and are associated with various spirits in traditional fetish religion. Collectively, like the forest, they provide a home for those mischievous mythological dwarves, the mmoatia, and the terrible monster, the sasabonsam. In […]