Are Siamese cats expensive?

Siamese cats remain one of the most popular cat breeds in the US and around the world. Your purchase cost may vary based on your breeding pedigree, color, and other factors. So is the Siamese expensive? What costs are involved other than the purchase price? Startup costs The first choice […]

How to spot a fake dog breeder

True blue breeders are a rare find. Most serious breeders have nothing but excellence on their minds and the welfare of their litter on their hearts. Breeders have accumulated enough knowledge in their breeding years and research the proper ethics, practices and responsible attitude of the breeder. So you’ve decided […]

adopt a dog with care

Animals as companions are an excellent option for those who have enough patience, time and affection for them. They are not like buying a toy or a nice decoration for your home that can also entertain guests. Adopting a dog involves a lot of responsibility. Beyond being adorable as puppies, […]

Top 10 dog breeds in the world

All good dog breeds have great importance with the specific. In the following list of the top 10 dog breeds, we take a look at all varieties of puppies, from small to large. We’re selecting favorites based on their attitude and trainability, as well as their cute and cuddly items. […]