German Shepherd: Proper Spelling

I don’t know about you, but I like to spell the words correctly. Unfortunately, things haven’t always been that easy for me. I had a hard time spelling growing up and often missed a lot more words than I wanted on my spelling tests. There has always been something frustrating […]

File a Bond Reduction Motion in Tennessee

Achieving a bond reduction in Tennessee requires a thorough understanding of the factors that courts look at when setting a defendant’s bond (also called “bond”). A motion for a reduction of the criminal bond can be filed at any time prior to trial. In many jurisdictions, the bond is initially […]

What are Westie’s sleeping habits?

West Highland White Terriers, like many breeds, need more sleep than humans to stay healthy. Over a twenty-four hour period, these energetic little dogs require a minimum of thirteen hours of sleep to get enough rest. However, they will easily adapt to their family’s sleeping habits, often sleeping most of […]

Why do people have aquariums?

Aquariums are truly one of the most unique purchases anyone can make. Like dogs or cats, they transform an owner into a caretaker, someone on whom pets depend for food and care. On the other hand, some people like aquariums for the same reasons that they like an old painting […]

The basics of cat training

The first is the first: If you are training your cat to sit, stay, and fetch things at your command, maybe you should get a dog. If you are training your cat to deftly perch on the toilet seat to relieve itself, then you are also on the wrong track. […]