Benefits of Free Online PC Games for Kids

Many parents fear allowing their children to play online because they believe that these games can be addictive and detrimental to their intellectual development. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as there are many benefits that online games can offer children. These games have proven to be very entertaining, educational, and safe for children who love to play them.

One of the obvious benefits of online games for children is that they will learn hand-eye coordination from a young age. This is a skill that will serve you well in the future in the various career paths you choose to take.

Another benefit of some of these online games is that they help the child to be more alert and attentive. Many children cannot focus on one thing at a time. Children get bored very easily and are always looking for the next exciting thing. However, these games are very exciting and children can concentrate on them for hours. Researchers have concluded that by helping children learn to sit still and focus on something for long periods of time, these games help children stay alert. This is a skill that will be in the future when they need to usefully focus in the classroom or stay alert while reading.

There are online games that have fans all over the world and children have the opportunity to play with other children from all corners of the world. This will help the child to be more aware of the world he lives in, as he will make friends with people from different countries and cultures.

Some of the games offered online are very educational and help children develop different skills, such as memory improvement. Some games even help the child to understand the subjects taught in school in a way that is more enjoyable for him. These games will help the child to learn in a fun environment and they are more likely to understand the concepts that the games are trying to teach.

Online games are very diverse and most of them offer many benefits for the little ones. Even those that do not appear to have any educational or intellectual value will ensure that the child has a lot of fun. Parents can supervise their children while they play these games to make sure they are playing online that are age appropriate.

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Do I need a pre-wedding? 10 good reasons to insist on a

On the subject of prenuptial agreements, the first question to ask your attorney is, “Do I need one?” Under current law in my state (which is New York), in most cases an honest answer might be “Probably not.” However, for various reasons, it is not the answer you are likely to hear. To be precise, there are a variety of special factors that can dictate that you should have one, even if you don’t absolutely need it.

When considering research, I often recall the advice of a now-deceased former colleague (a pioneer in our field on behalf of women’s rights in divorce). When approached by a high-powered potential client, a successful businesswoman who wanted to know if she “needed a pre-nup,” my colleague paid little attention to the client’s candid explanation of the financial complexities and personal emotional factors of her situation. Instead, he narrowed the investigation down to a single question: “Who has more money, him or you?”

When told that the future husband was undoubtedly the wealthiest part, my colleague said, as if reciting one of the Ten Commandments: “Well then you certainly don’t need it. And don’t you dare say a word about your fiancé. Don’t even mention the word pre-nup! “

Some other factors to consider that militate in favor of a garment are the following:

(1) You want or need to provide for people other than your spouse in your estate plan. This could include parents, siblings, children from a previous marriage, even charity. If you don’t provide it, under New York law, your spouse will have the right to choose to take up to one-third of your estate, regardless of what your will says (a right known as “spousal right of choice”). And, if you died without a will (the legal term is “intestate”), your spouse may be entitled to an even larger share.

(2) You own an asset together with other people that you do not want or cannot share with your future spouse in the event of a divorce. Under New York’s system for dividing marital property in divorce (known as equitable distribution), whether or not title to the premarital property is held with a third party, your spouse may have the right to share in your appreciation. (or even the total value, when the property has been “mixed” with the marital property is considered indistinguishable).

(3) You trust that your future spouse will not marry you for your money, but you still find it necessary to put that trust to the test. Most prenuptial agreements state that all joint title assets will be shared equally in the event of divorce; Therefore, after your spouse gains your trust, you can, if you wish, choose to take a more sharing and sharing approach. A less common provision sometimes proposed by the less wealthy party is a “sunset provision”, which means that after a certain number of years of marriage, the entire pledge becomes null and void. I have never been comfortable with this concept, which strikes me as a built-in incentive for a party to initiate divorce proceedings before the “expiration” date.

(4) For other reasons, you want or need to establish a mechanism to share future living expenses with your future spouse. An example might be when one spouse can more easily afford to make an initial investment in an asset such as a home or business, and the other has more monthly cash flow available. On the other hand, the true usefulness of this type of provision is questionable; It is hard to imagine one spouse taking legal action to enforce this type of provision against the other without triggering a divorce litigation.

(5) You plan to undertake a significant joint investment, in the very near future, for example a marital residence, and you want to address, in advance, your respective rights to share any increase, how you will assign the responsibility to maintain it, etc. . If you want to arrange that, in the event of a divorce, the estate will be divided proportionally (based on your respective contributions), rather than 50/50, now is the time to do so. In addition, presetting a mechanism for sharing common expenses during your marriage could serve to reduce tensions or allow one or both of you to commit more sincerely to the purchase.

(6) You are in your own business and you or your business partners do not want your future spouse to take a share in it. Under New York divorce law, your prenuptial business, or at least your marital appreciation, can be marital property subject to valuation and distribution. No judge will force you to sell your business, especially if it is your main source of income, and certainly will not require you to accept your ex-spouse as a business partner, but rather cash awards, determined by an appraisal of your business that is done routinely. . This can be particularly problematic when your business cannot be sold or is not easy to sell, such as with a minority interest in a nearby corporation, a limited partnership interest, or an interest in a professional practice.

(7) More specifically, you have, or plan to have, your own professional practice and do not want your spouse to be interested in it. While many companies can be evaluated with reference to the sales of comparable companies, professional practices normally cannot and, consequently, are valued in accordance with established accounting conventions. This can result in appraised values ​​of up to seven figures, where the gains are substantial. Additionally, since there is typically no asset to sell to generate the court-awarded payment, the payer typically ends up paying the award with the proceeds that have been valued.

(8) You are pursuing or could follow a course of study, taking an exam, etc., which will lead to a degree, certification, license or similar, and you do not want to risk having to pay your future spouse. for a part of its intangible value. If such intangible assets were acquired in whole or in part during the marriage, the resulting improvement in earnings will generally be valued over the actuary’s working life of the holder. Again, when it comes to substantial income, the value can easily go up to seven figures. And, a professional practice, degree, certification, license, or something similar certainly cannot be sold to generate the funds necessary to pay for such an award.

(9) You are involved in a business or occupation where opening your books, or disclosing your finances, in a divorce is far from an attractive prospect. There is financial liberalism in New York divorce proceedings, which means that anything within reason that affects income or assets is fair game. Enough talk.

(10) And last but not least, what may be the biggest motivating factor for some, the desire not to have to pay divorce attorney fees that could be large enough to eat up a substantial portion of your hard-earned assets. Divorce litigation can be extremely expensive. If that’s not cause for sufficient concern, consider that you may have to pay not only your own fees, but your spouse’s legal fees as well, if he or she is the financially dependent party. Establishing your financial rights in advance, pursuant to a prenuptial agreement, is one way to avoid costly litigation over financial matters, but keep in mind that child-related issues cannot be legally resolved prior to the wedding.

I’m sure any of my colleagues could point to ten or more important reasons that I have missed. However, if none of the 10 reasons above apply to you, and you are not substantially wealthier than your future spouse, you may be one of those lucky few people who can avoid the usually painful (always unromantic) process of negotiating. a prenuptial agreement on the eve of your wedding.

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Yawning during EFT tapping

A common question from newcomers to EFT is about reactions to EFT such as yawning, sighing, giggling, tears, burping, and laughing. Yawning can be a particularly confusing reaction, as we associate it with tiredness, boredom, and exhaustion. For some new tapping novices, yawning can be alarming, especially if the person is in an exhausting physical or emotional condition. It may seem like a warning sign that they are about to get worse rather than better. Fortunately, nothing can go further than the truth.

A yawn or similar reaction simply means that your energy is rebalancing. Then something is definitely happening for you. Do not try to suppress yawning, tears, giggling, giggling, belching, etc. while tapping. These are releases that occur when your energy rebalances on any particular subject. This is very good. Sometimes you may yawn more than usual. This means that there was a great change.

Yawning is so powerful in helping you move forward that there is a whole meridian healing technique based on EFT and yawning. This is called FREEWAY-CER. It is short for Quick Release of Trapped Emotions with a Yawn – Energy Routine Change. Note the “with a yawn”. In other words, your natural EFT yawning is something that others spend a lot of time and money learning! You can certainly see it as a great gift. How wonderful is that ?!

In summary, 3 things a yawn during EFT is not:

  1. A sign of tiredness;

  2. A sign of boredom;

  3. Anything to worry about or try to suppress.

And these are the top 3 things a yawn actually means during EFT:

  1. One release;

  2. A sign that your energy is rebalancing for the better;

  3. A great gift to appreciate and develop.

If you don’t yawn when you do EFT, there are two explanations why this doesn’t happen to you. First and foremost, each of us has a different body that reacts in a unique and appropriate way for us. Some people yawn, others burp, or have other ways of breaking free. And all are totally and equally valid. The second reason, if you don’t have any bodily reaction to EFT, is that some of us may take time to flow with the energy. In that case, just take your time and play more often. You will soon find yourself experiencing the releases that you see in others or that you hear about.

And whether it’s accompanied by yawning or not, enjoy your EFT journey to health, success, and happiness!

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Common questions a pug breeder should answer

If you are looking for a Pug puppy, know that you are getting a very dependent breed of dog. Due to their unnatural squashed faces, Pugs tend to have a lot of respiratory problems. Due to their wrinkled skin and flattened faces, they have trouble cleaning themselves. Due to their large eyes, they often injure their eyes. All Pug puppies are cute, but keep in mind that you are designing a dog, not designed by nature.

If you are still looking for a Pug puppy after considering all the Pug information, go to an American Kennel Club licensed breeder or a Pug breed rescue group. At least you will have the healthiest and healthiest version of this less natural dog possible. Since Pugs are so popular, you will likely find Pug breeders throughout most of the continental United States. But not all Pug breeders are the same.

The most important questions to ask a Pug breeder may sound a bit rude at first, but a good Pug breeder won’t mind being asked. You should ask if they send their puppies. The answer should be no. You should ask if there is a contract to sign. The answer should be yes. You should also ask for references from other people who have bought puppies from them in the past.

Never buy a Pug puppy without being seen. You should not only see the puppy, but also the puppy’s mother and the kennel in which the puppy was raised. A good Pug breeder rarely has puppies for sale, they only have a couple of litters a year, so you should be on a waiting list. A good Pug breeder will be more than happy to have visitors in his kennel or home (in most cases, Pugs are raised indoors and live in the same houses as their owners).

You should also ask the Pug breeder why they are breeding Pugs as they are such an unnatural breed. Hopefully, you’ll get responses from breeders hoping to promote healthier Long-nosed Pugs rather than one that wins ribbons and trophies. Along with their Persian cat faces, Pugs also have amazing personalities. It is possible that they were simply charmed more by the Pug’s company than its appearance.

They should also ask you lots of questions about your Pug information store and any past Pug experiences you may have. There should be a waiting period and a contract, which states very clearly for which medical conditions the Pug puppy is justified. The final word as to who gets which Pug puppy is from the Pug breeder, not yours. You should also ask if you can call for future training advice at no additional cost. Knowing all of this now, reconsider a puppy and adopt an adult Pug from your local animal shelter.

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How to fix a Fortnite crash: error 0xc00007b or UE4-FortniteGame

The 0xC00007B errors are caused by Windows not having access to a dependency required to run an application.

The error is indicative of a system error or some other problem with the Windows files.

Regarding Fortnite, and how the system can display the error when you try to load the game, the answer is to make sure you have the required dependencies correctly installed and accessible on your system.

While this is quite a difficult process, the underlying reality is that it is a common problem for Windows to suffer from dependency issues; the solution is to make sure everything works with the game.


As mentioned, the 0xC00007B error indicates that your system needs a particular file to run an application, but you don’t have it.

The bug is not specific to Fortnite; it can be displayed for a variety of applications and is a Windows bug.

It will normally be displayed with the following message:

The application was unable to start correctly (0xC00007B). Click OK to close the application.

The biggest problem with this particular bug is the lack of explanation of what actually prompted it to show. Many other errors explain the file or configuration that caused the exception, not this one.

To solve the problem, you must either identify the problem or work through a series of possible solutions in the hope that one will solve it.


As mentioned, the error has a wide variety of causes. However, to get the solution, you need to make sure you have the proper dependencies installed and accessible on your system.

In the case of Fortnite, the likes of DirectX, Unreal Engine, Visual C ++, and .NET are required to ensure that the game can actually run. Therefore, the first port of call is to make sure they are installed correctly.

To do this, you must follow these steps:

1. Change Fortnite app settings

The first step is pretty simple: change the application settings to make sure it can run properly on Windows.

To do this, you need to be able to locate the “Binaries” of the game, which are archived with the following steps:

  • Press the “Windows” + “R” keys on your keyboard

  • Type “explorer” in the box and hit “OK.”

  • Look for the following: C: Program Files Epic Games Fortnite FortniteGame Binaries Win64

  • Right click on “FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe” and select “Properties”

  • In the tabs at the top of the screen, select “Compatibility.”

  • At the bottom of the window, check “Disable full-screen optimizations.”

  • Check “Run this program as administrator”

  • Click OK “

After doing this, try running the game again. If the error persists (which is likely to happen), you will need to continue with the next steps.

2. “Verify” Fortnite

If the above does not work, you will need to “verify” the Fortnite installation.

To do this, you need to load the Epic Games launcher app and run the verification process. If you cannot open the launcher, you will need to proceed to the next step.

  • Navigate to C: Program Files Epic Games Fortnite FortniteGame (or where your Fortnite game is installed)

  • Find Win64 Binaries folder + delete it

  • Click on your desktop> click the “Epic Games Launcher” icon

  • When the launcher loads, click on the “Fortnite” tab

  • In the “Start” button (green), select the gear

  • From the list that appears, select “Verify”

  • This will take some time, but will essentially reinstall the Fortnite executables to get the game working again.

  • Once this process is finished, restart your system and try the game again.

This will most likely not allow the game to function properly again. The problem with the game is likely to stem from a corrupted, faulty, or Windows incompatible dependency.

3. Reinstall the game

This is pretty drastic, but if you have the patience to do it, you need to make sure the issue is resolved.

To do so, you must follow these steps:

  • In Windows 7, click “Start”> “Control Panel”> “Add or Remove Programs”

  • In Windows 10, right-click the “Start” button> select “Apps and Features”

  • From the list, select “Fortnite” as well as the “Epic Games Launcher”.

  • Uninstall both

  • Once the uninstall process is complete, reboot your system

  • Download a new version of Fortnite from the Epic Games website

  • Install it back on your system

This should ensure that your computer can read the various files etc that the game requires (i.e. make sure the error is not from the game itself, but from Windows).

4. Reinstall Visual C ++

The next step is to reinstall the Visual C ++ redistributable packages that exist to help Windows run various applications.

VC ++ may be known to many people, but it is actually quite an important tool for many different applications. Many require it to run, and it may be the case that some of your files are corrupt, damaged, or just not written correctly.

To make sure this is not the problem, you should take the following steps to fix it:

  • In Windows 7, click “Start”> “Control Panel”> “Add or Remove Programs”

  • In Windows 10, right click on “Start”> select “Applications and Features”

  • After doing this, scroll down to the “Visual C ++ Redistributable” section

  • Make a note of all versions installed on your system (including “x86 / x64” architecture)

  • Uninstall each of them

  • Restart your PC

After the uninstall process is complete and the system restarted, browse to the Internet and search for “Latest Visual C ++ Redistributable Downloads.”

Click on the top link that shows (it should be “Microsoft”) and download the various versions of VC ++ you listed before removing them.

Once you’ve installed the various VC ++ libraries again, restart your PC and then try running the game. If the solution worked, the game should work.

5. Reinstall Unreal Engine

After reinstalling VC ++, you will need to try the Unreal Engine.

Unreal Engine is the tool that powers the Fortnite game and was developed by Epic Games.

In some cases, the engine can get corrupted or damaged, leading to errors like the one you are experiencing.

To resolve this, you can reinstall the engine:

  • Go to “C: / Program Files / Unreal Engine”

  • Click on “Uninst.exe”

  • Follow the steps to uninstall the motor.

  • Once completed, go to the Internet and search for “Unreal Engine Download”

  • Click on the first link and save the executable on your system

  • Run the executable files that are saved

  • Try running Fortnite again, after the installation is complete

6. Use Dependency Walker

If you keep seeing the error, a tool that many people will not consider is worth pointing out: Dependency Walker.

Dependency Walker shows what “dependencies” an application uses and therefore what files it needs to run.

If your system does not have the appropriate file, it will appear in red within this application.

If you can run this system successfully, it should point out which files are missing from your system, allowing you to reinstall the necessary packages to get it working again:

  • Click on your preferred search engine and search for “Download Dependency Walker

  • You should find a page that highlights “depends.exe”

  • From here, download the version compatible with your system

  • Run it and select the Fortnite executable file (it’s the “FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe” file from Step 1)

  • Identify any of the files that may be missing

  • If you find any files that it mentions, you will need to search online for the package they are part of and reinstall that package.

After doing this, you will have to test the game and if it * still * doesn’t work, it usually means you have a problem with Windows or some other library / package.

To resolve the issue at this point, it is strongly recommended that you seek more specific assistance (more than can be provided in an internet article). To do this, you need to search online for communities like SuperUser or Microsoft Answers.

If this does not help, you will probably want to seek the opinion of a technical specialist, who usually infers the cost.

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Five Little Known Facts About the Pittsburgh Steelers Great Ben Roethlisberger

The great quest that almost every team in the National Football League participates in at one point or another is the search for the next great quarterback. This doesn’t even have to mean the next great quarterback of all time, it can sometimes mean the next great quarterback in a team’s history. Finding that diamond in the rough is for fans, a dream come true. Having a great quarterback means that a team will almost certainly be competitive, if not successful. The Pittsburgh Steelers became one of those teams in 2004 when they selected Ben Roethlisberger from the University of Miami in Ohio.

For such a young quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger has already accomplished a lot, including multiple Super Bowl victories, Pro Bowl appearances and becoming the leader of a franchise rich in history. However, not much is known about him, and here are five interesting facts any fan should know about Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

-In four of the first seven years of Ben’s career, he finished the season with exactly the same number of touchdown passes thrown for the season. His statistics for 2004, 2005, 2008 and 2010 show that he has 17 total touchdown passes.

-As of the 2010 NFL season, Ben Roethlisberger had thrown more touchdown passes, 19 in total, against the Cleveland Browns than against any other team in the league.

-Throughout the 2010 NFL season, the only players to have caught ten or more touchdown passes during Roethlisberger’s career are Hines Ward (39), Heath Miller (26), Santonio Holmes (17), Mike Wallace (13) and Nate Washington (11).

-Ben’s first career TD pass came in a 30-13 loss to the Baltimore Ravens in 2004. He came in the fourth quarter and went for three yards. It was Pittsburgh’s first score of the game and he was caught by Antwaan Randle El.

-Throughout the 2010 NFL season, Ben Roethlisberger had thrown 144 touchdown passes during his career. He pitched 88 of those during the first half of the games he played and only 56 of them in the second half.

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Surfing in Sonoma County

First part: Doran Park and surroundings

Sonoma County is not one of the most famous surf spots in the world, but it does have its fair share of quality waves. Most of the beaches are easily accessible from Santa Rosa or Sebastopol, just head west on Highway 12 and turn right onto Highway 1 after passing through the town of Bodega.

The closest beach to Santa Rosa is Doran Beach in Doran Park. This beach has the worst swell of the whole year except on certain days with high tide and a swell that comes from the right direction. Doran Beach is almost totally protected from the usual northwestern swell by Bodega Head and the reef by Seal Rock (also known as Bodega Rock).

Doran usually needs at least a ten foot swell to get chest high waves. The best time to visit Doran is at high tide, after a rain, with good surf everywhere. Some people prefer Doran at low tide, which almost always has barrels with a bigger swell, but I’ve only seen one day that he actually had long quality barrel rides, when the swell was rising up to 17 feet outside. In general, Doran withstands high tide better and provides plenty of fun waves throughout the year once the rains begin to fall. I surfed a lot when I was younger and spent a lot of time learning to surf on this beach. I never worry about sharks on this beach because it is very protected and paddling is never far away.

Sometimes a long, soft wave breaks at the northernmost component of Doran Beach, near the rock jetty. This requires big swell and super low tide, but it could be a really fun wave for longboarders when everything else is too big for surfing.

The biggest, best, and craziest wave I’ve ever seen with my own eyes is located a mile from Doran Park south of Bodega Head. This wave should be surfed more frequently but it is feared by the inhabitants of the area for the potentiality of giant white sharks that cross the perimeter of the island. The island is called Seal Rock and it has thousands of seals that camp every night. There is a beautiful reef that stretches west to the island’s sea and forms a giant slab tube when the big surf hits. The paddle is a quarter mile from Bodega Head, through a deep channel. I have seen a video with people surfing this wave using a jet ski, and if I could afford one, I would be there all the time. Note that the bottom of the reef is rocky, so wear a helmet if you’re planning on tackling some giant waves.

If you are planning a vacation in or around Bodega Bay and want to research places to stay, there are many vacation rentals such as that can be found on vacation rental websites, and there are also hotels such as the Inn at the Tides.

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Sexy lingerie: how to choose a flattering color for your sexy underwear

We all know that there are many types of sexy lingerie, but whatever style you choose, color is also very, very important. This is because every woman has a color or colors that suit her or make her look good.

Remember that wearing sexy lingerie isn’t just about turning someone else on, it’s also about feeling good about yourself! To do this, you need to wear lingerie that is appropriate and helps you look great. There are three things to consider: size, style, and color; And here we are going to see how you can choose the perfect lingerie color for you!

What color or colors will suit me best then?

When you buy sexy lingerie, do you think about color first or are you just looking for your favorite color? Maybe you’re limiting yourself to a boring old black or white (which, to be fair, suits most women, but isn’t the most inspiring or sexy options)? You may have been wearing an inappropriate color all these years that actually detracts from your sexiness, not increases it! However, choosing the color of lingerie to find one that is perfect for you is not too difficult, so don’t worry. You simply need to consider three factors.

1. Skin tone

Your skin tone will greatly affect your choice of color as it can make certain colors fade or look too similar and anonymous. If you are very fair, then you should choose lighter colors, such as sky blue, baby pink, and other light pastels. These won’t wash you off like darker, brighter colors do. If you’re tanned, darker colors will work better, while lighter pastels are sure to wash you off and look dull.

For dark skinned women, it is possible to get away with any color! Darker colors like crimson and emerald naturally lend themselves to your skin tone for sure, but if you choose lighter colors, you will find that they give you a charming and interesting contrast.

2. Hair color

Hair color is very similar to skin tone in terms of the color you should choose to be sure of a perfect sexy lingerie. As with fair-skinned girls, blondes will be better suited to pale colors, such as light pastels, which will not overwhelm your natural light color. The problem is that darker colors can brighten your face and make you look exhausted, which is certainly not the sexy look you are looking for.

Brunettes and dark-haired girls will find strong, dark colors much more suitable; so they can choose all kinds of cool colors like earth tones, metallics, and even fun prints. As a general rule, try to choose a color darker than your brown hair, otherwise your hair will turn heads and your lingerie will become very anonymous. Red, green, blue, and purple are suitable options. Lastly, if you have deep red hair, bright colors will work well, so go to town with bold metallic blues, greens, and purples! The main concern is not to flood your natural hair color or let it overshadow your lingerie.

3. Eye color

Everyone knows that flattering colors are usually the ones that match the color of your eyes either in clothes or lingerie. Usually colors that are similar to the color of your eyes will look good, so if you have blue eyes, blue lingerie will be the most appropriate for you. Earth tones and greens can look good too, as many blue-eyed people have spots of both in their eyes.

If you have brown eyes, then brown, green, and blue are fine. However, other darker colors like red and purple will work well too. Green eyes go well with green, but brown and earth tones will also be flattering.

The main thing is to try a few different colors and keep in mind the colors that look good on you when shopping for sexy lingerie. This could be the difference between looking good and amazing!

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Top 5 IT Security Trends of 2017

IoT complexity to lead to a security vulnerability

According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI), it is predicted that there will be around 26 billion devices connected to the IP network by 2020. With the Internet of Things (IoT) reaching the levels of enterprise networks, government systems and user phones generally in such a large-scale security vulnerability will continue to affect these connected devices. Due to the complexity of protocols and standards, the absence of trained resources to manage the IoT environment, low-quality products with vulnerable security measures, and intricate architectures, IoT devices have already been attacked by hackers, which is predicted worse in 2017. In fact, organizations are not yet equipped enough to check even their popular applications for malware, leading to DDoS attacks and even providing an entry point into company networks for APT and ransomware .

The way forward: The battle will be won by those who can protect their IoT devices with custom solutions.

Cloud security to gain prominence

Security breaches in the cloud have prevented many organizations from adopting cloud computing for a long time. However, this year you may see a reverse pattern and cloud security is expected to gain prominence in the IT ecosystem. Cloud security certifications, such as Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK), Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), and Certified Cloud Security Practitioner (CCSP), provide a sense of refuge to organizations planning to join the computing train in Cloud. In addition, the industry in general is considered to share best practices and advice on how to safely embark on cloud integration. With organizations gaining confidence in deploying the cloud, as well as their on-premises solutions, cloud adoption is expected to increase in the next year. However, the rate of acceleration would depend entirely on strengthening cloud security practices and curbing security breaches in the cloud.

The way forward: Investing in cloud security as a service would make sense for businesses, as it will help minimize security breaches, while reducing the costs of purchasing and maintaining firewalls.

Ransomware and malware everywhere

Malware attacks have become sophisticated over the years as they continue to transform, going beyond the defenses offered by most antivirus products and security vendors. As companies are seen to embrace telecommuting, introducing wearable devices, and connecting the dispersed workforce through IoT-enabled devices, attackers are also expected to use the technology to gain access to business networks through employee devices and hacking into the system. Mobile malware could be one of the top issues in 2017 that companies would need to proactively address. In fact, a mobile data breach can cost a business around $ 26 million, according to a study by Lookout, a mobile security company, and Ponemon Institute, an independent research company focused on privacy, data protection and information security. In addition, with the proliferation of 4G and 5G services and the increase in Internet bandwidth, mobile devices may witness an increased vulnerability to DDoS attacks.

Along with malware, ransomware will continue to evolve over the next year as well. Ransomware attacks on the cloud and critical servers may witness an increase, as hackers would keep organizations hard-pressed to part with the amount of extortion or face the risk of shutting down an entire operation. However, such payments may not even guarantee companies the future security of their data or even the recovery of their current data.

The way forward: stop being held for ransom. Protect your devices and servers with custom security solutions.

Automation to bridge the skills gap

Finding skilled IT resources will continue to be a major issue for the industry, and with it, new methods of closing this gap are also expected to emerge. One of the main trends expected this year would be the use of automation to perform certain tasks, especially those that are repetitive or redundant. This would help IT professionals to focus on important tasks and companies to get the most out of their workforce.

The way forward: Implementing the right automation solution will help IT professionals gain instant access to any malicious threats instead of manually searching for breaches.

Secure SDLC, the way forward

Although testing is considered an important part of application security, it is often relegated to a later stage in code development. In the absence of regulations or industry standards, companies are often seen as adopting their own methods when it comes to coding, concentrating on developing codes quickly rather than securely.

The current process for the software development life cycle (SDLC) with its five main phases: design, development (coding), testing, implementation and maintenance, has a significant deficiency of testing that is done at a later stage. Security vulnerabilities are generally verified using methods such as the pencil test at a time when the solution is almost ready to be released. This could make the system susceptible to attack by any code that remains unchecked. In the coming year, the industry is expected to take another step forward by adopting Secure-SDLC (sSDLC) to circumvent these issues. With sSDLC, code changes will be automatically analyzed and developers will be notified immediately in case of any vulnerabilities. This will help educate developers on bugs and make them security conscious. Additionally, providers will also be able to prevent vulnerabilities and minimize hacking incidents.

The way forward: Moving to secure SDLC will help companies get the code right from the start, saving time and costs in the long run.

MSP will continue to be the need of the hour

The Managed Service Provider (MSP) was adopted to help companies manage their hosted applications and infrastructure, and many predicted that with the implementation of the cloud, it could become redundant. However, over time, MSP has been seen to remain a central element of many business services. While most companies have moved to the cloud, many companies with critical applications are unable to bring their infrastructure into the cloud ecosystem due to compliance or regulatory issues. These still need to be managed and maintained.

Additionally, deploying and managing mixed, cloud and on-premises environments requires a mature skill set. MSP not only helps provide the correct guidance, but even helps companies choose the right hosting, taking into account the company’s budget and prevailing industry regulations and security policies.

The way forward: MSP is expected to go beyond managing the IT environment. Such vendors can become a business extension for companies to advise on policy and process management.

Threat intelligence to become strategic and collaborative

According to the EY Global Information Security Survey, while organizations are seen to be making progress in the way they detect and resist cyberattacks and today’s threats, considerable improvements are still needed to deal with sophisticated attacks. For example, 86 percent of those who responded to the survey stated that their cybersecurity role did not fully meet the needs of their organization. Growing threats, increased cybercrime, geopolitical clashes, and terrorist attacks are expected to continue to drive organizations to develop their approach to being resilient against cyber attacks.

Incorporating cybersecurity strategy into business processes can also become an important component. Microsoft, for example, recently unveiled its $ 1 billion investment plans to implement a new integrated security strategy across its entire portfolio of products and services.

The way forward: Cybersecurity can no longer be approached in isolation by one business. Companies must address the problem by working collaboratively, sharing best practices, and creating war programs.

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Data Collection Techniques for a Successful Thesis

Regardless of the subject grade and research topic you have chosen, the basic requirement and process for all remains the same, that is, “research.” The research itself means searching a searched content and this implies some proven fact along with some practical figures that reflect the authenticity and reliability of the study. These facts and figures that are required to prove the fundamentals of the study are known as “data.”

These data are collected according to the demand of the research topic and its study carried out. Also, your collection techniques vary along with the topic in detail, for example if your topic is like “Changing the era of HR policies”, the data demanded would be subjective and therefore your technique is dependent on the themselves. Whereas if the topic is like “Causes of performance appraisal”, then the requested data would be objective and in terms of figures showing different parameters, reasons and factors affecting the performance appraisal of different numbers of employees. So, let’s take a broader look at the different data collection techniques that provide a reliable foundation for your research:

• Primary technique – Here, the data collected by the first-hand source directly is known as primary data. Self-analysis is a subclassification of primary data collection: as understood; here you get auto-response for a series of questions or a study. For example, in-depth personal interviews and questionnaires are self-analyzing data collection techniques, but their limitation lies in the fact that self-responses can sometimes be biased or even confusing. On the other hand, the advantage lies in most of the up-to-date data, as it is collected directly from the source.

• Secondary technique – In this technique, data is collected from previously collected resources and is called secondary data. Data is collected from articles, newsletters, annual reports, journals, published articles, government and non-government documents, and case studies. The limitation of these is that they may not be updated or may be manipulated since they are not collected by the researcher himself.

Secondary data is easy to collect as it is pre-collected and preferred when time is short, while primary data is difficult to accumulate. Therefore, if the researcher wants to update reliable and factual data, he should prefer the primary source of collection. But, these data collection techniques vary according to the problem generated in the thesis. Therefore, review the demands of your thesis first before engaging in data collection.

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