Johnny Ringo – Old West Badman

Nature of parenting: that’s a question asked these days by those trying to understand the motivation of criminals. Can a person be born bad? Or is the seed of their destruction sown in their formative years? Johnny Ringo, famous after his run-ins with the Earps, certainly had a hard time […]

Creative Kill Chamber Tutorial

Most stick figure games tend to be pretty simple, I mean, it seems like the reason after all the creator used stick figures, right? CKC or Creative Kill Chamber definitely adds a bit of creativity to the meaning of “simple”. This game is about a character named Monty who is […]

Pickle juice helps prevent muscle cramps

Currently, professional, college and high school football teams and cross-country athletic teams through colleges and high schools are beginning their summer practices. They will also start your urge to drink pickle juice as a way to help avoid muscle cramps. Runners and cyclists, especially those in hot southern climates, are […]