Get your ex boyfriend back with dignity

Many relationships can be saved, but you must retain your dignity on your journey to win your ex boyfriend back or else you may face the possibility of the same guy leaving you again and again.

So how do you get your ex boyfriend back without sacrificing your self esteem?

Be calm and logical

When you ask your friends for advice on how you can get back together with your ex boyfriend, they may sometimes suggest over the top things like sending him gifts, love letters, or calling him every day. But this is not the right thing to do if you want to get back with your man.

These big gestures can mean a lot to a woman if a guy is after her, but they mean very little to a guy when he gets them. In fact, it can have the opposite effect and drive him away even more, as she may see you as a self-obsessed woman who can’t get her way. The best thing you can do is consider how you can communicate with him in a logical and calm way.

Don’t try to be someone else

After an unhappy break up, some girls try all sorts of methods to get their ex boyfriend back trying to be someone they are not. They may start dressing in completely out of place clothes or going to nightclubs they have never wanted to go to before. The fact is that this strategy is quite simple for a man to see. After all, if you didn’t wear those clothes or go to those places before you met him, he’s the only reason you do now. Instead of trying to transform yourself into someone else, become a better version of who you were before you met your ex.

Find activities that you can do together.

When they were together, they would have had interests and activities that they both enjoyed. For example, let’s say you both belonged to a tennis club. You could get involved with another tennis club and invite them to your first big match. It’s something they both liked to do when they were together, and he’ll see that they can still do things together, even if they’re not a couple. This makes your ex boyfriend think about the great things you both did together in the past and he may start wanting those things again.

Get back with your ex boyfriend.

The key to getting your ex boyfriend back is basically being mature and sensible. Crying and blaming your ex for everything he went wrong is not very dignified and will drive him further apart. Instead, be a better woman and accept your share of the blame, no more, no less.

Take time to consider anything you have done to push him away from you. Were you being a bit picky and taking it for granted? Did you feel that he was walking away so scared and excited? If so, accept responsibility for his behavior and try to talk to him gently about what triggered it.

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