Emotion Vs Logic – The 80/20 Sales Rule

One of the biggest challenges I face when training sales professionals is getting them to understand how important and how much effort it takes to build a long-term emotional relationship with other people. In sales, it has been proven for many years that building an emotional relationship with a potential […]

How to Make Facebook Ads Effectively

Facebook is a wonderful tool to use when marketing your business, products, and / or services. They make it really easy for anyone, be it a large corporation or a small business from home. You can run Facebook ads effectively by setting a goal and then taking the necessary steps […]

Add value to your LinkedIn profile

Like many of us, I gradually allowed myself to ignore LinkedIn and underestimate that free and beneficial resource. After an absence of almost two years, I was happy to log in and discover new profile enhancements that showcase ambitious professionals and highlight our expertise in ways that make us appear […]

How to write an explanatory video script

The script is the most important part of the explainer video production process for good reason. You can have all the cute design elements you love, fascinating animation, and an amazing soundtrack, but if the script doesn’t clearly explain what you need to convey and hook the viewer, your explanation […]

4 Amazing Tips On Content Marketing For Small Businesses

Historically, small businesses have adapted more slowly to content marketing methods and / or strategies used by corporate marketers. However, as search engine optimization (SEO) practices have evolved considerably in recent years, it has become more than obvious that small businesses need to add e-books, how-to and comparison guides, as […]

Why Strange Words Make Great Marks

When creating a truly great business name, the number one consideration should be the level of “engagement”. “Commitment?” you ask incredulously. Yes … commitment. While there are all kinds of naming strategies … metaphors, acronyms, coined / invented, key attributes, positive connotations, etc., the only common denominator that separates the […]