Step-by-step process of autogenic conditioning

What is autogenic conditioning?

Autogenic conditioning or autogenic training is a technique by which one can make their body respond to verbal commands they give their mind. These verbal commands are meant to convey a message to your body asking you to relax and control your heartbeat, body temperature, and control your breathing process. The ultimate goal of autogenic conditioning is to bring the body into a totally relaxed state and reduce stress there. Once you learn this body control technique you will be able to do this exercise at home without the help of any body. It is good to practice this regularly to know the positive impact of deep relaxation and also to avoid problems that arise from tension or stress.

Different steps involved in autogenic conditioning

Autogenic conditioning is a standard six-exercise regimen intended to relax your body and bring a feeling of warmth and heaviness to your body parts. For that, at first you have to find a comfortable place to sit.

Sit in a comfortable chair and focus your mind on a blank spot. There should be nothing on your mind. Now visualize something and start saying the verbal cues to relax your body according to the trainer’s instructions. Initially you will need a teacher to learn autogenic conditioning techniques. Although it can be learned by reading books, it is not easy to learn it by oneself. You have to undergo training for four to six years without fail to master the relaxation method techniques.


  1. Sit in a comfortable chair
  2. Say softly three times, concentrating in your mind, My left arm is heavy and warm and you will feel your arm relaxing because of the feeling of heaviness in your arm.
  3. In the same way gently tell your mind that my arms and legs are heavy and warm.
  4. Now focus on your heart, visualize its function and say, My heartbeat is calm and regular.
  5. In the same way it transmits a message to your neck to relax. You can feel your neck relax.
  6. Now ask your forehead to relax and your forehead will relax.

Basically, autogenic conditioning is a process of self-hypnosis, in which you can improve your control over your body and mind. Along with verbal communication to the mind, suggestions should also be made that can create a positive impact on a person’s mind setting such as “I am confident”.

To get a full result of autogenic conditioning, one must undergo this step-by-step process of autogenic training regularly and without fail. In due course, you will be able to perform autogenous conditioning at home without the help or assistance of a second person. Never try to do it yourself at first, since it is practically impossible to learn this technique without the help of an experienced master.

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