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The web is full of dogs, in images like dog photos, dog paintings, dog cartoons, and descriptions of dog encounters. So man’s best friend photos are very popular. Unfortunately, many photos of dogs, especially many photos of dogs, are of poor quality, because they are produced by dog ​​lovers and not by experienced dog photographers. This is especially the case with free dog photos for everyone to use. Read on to improve your dog’s photos.

Actually, very good quality dog ​​photos are in high demand. It can be after cute photos of puppies, photos of dog breeds, or photos of all the different situations that a dog is experiencing throughout its life.

Also, on many occasions, photos of dogs are needed along with their people and owners. Here, the demand for quality relative to the image also includes the person or persons together with the dog. This is truly a challenge for the dog photographer as well as the experienced hobbyist dog photographer as a dog lover.

Dog photos for sale should really live up to being some kind of professional quality, and that will normally be the case.

There are some tips for the professional dog photographer for the dog lover who wants to take better photos of dogs.

Tips for Best Dog Photos for Dog Lovers

1. Weird enough to photograph the background of the dog is extremely important and an item that is often neglected by less experienced dog photographers. Indoors, avoid furniture in the background unless it’s part of the idea. Outdoors, opt for a fairly plain even background. A simple background will help the dog stand out as the main object to enjoy in the image. Often times, a blurred background will be best.

2. Make sure the dog’s eyes are sharp and bright in the photo. As human beings, we will always make contact with another person by looking into their eyes, we should not even be starring in the eyes of a dog.
The dog’s eyesight will be greatly improved if there is “gleam in the eyes”, that is, a reflection of the sun or light (flash) in the dog’s eyes.

3. Seeing the dog’s tongue in the picture will add two positive things to the dog’s photo: The sight of the tongue will add a warm red color to a fairly muted color of the dog (in most cases) and the tongue will add a feeling of action and life to the total image.

By adapting these three tips for better dog photography, any dog ​​lover should be able to get much better pictures of dogs, be it his own dog or the dogs around him.

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