Motorola H800 Bluetooth Headset Review

While Motorola has a reputation for making quality headsets, Motorola’s H800 Bluetooth headset piqued the interest of the world of mobile phone users, and with good reason. This Motorola Bluetooth headset works with all Bell Mobility cell phones so you can enjoy everything it has to offer. What really gets […]

Nintendo DSi XL Review

The Nintendo DSi XL, also popularly known as the DSi LL in Japan, is Nintendo’s latest handheld gaming system to share the market with the Sony PSP. Following the trend set by Nintendo DS Lite, the DSi XL is the seventh generation game console designed to be launched in the […]

Netflix is ​​on my Wii

I’m always a little behind when it comes to gadgets and stuff, and it’s not for lack of interest. Frankly, it’s so hard to keep up with everything. Everything becomes obsolete in the blink of an eye. Video games, for example, change faster than anyone can keep up. Personally, I […]

Singing Superstar Review

With the ongoing download trends, you can download almost anything, movies, news, software, songs, music, lyrics, texts and more. People spend hours on the Internet browsing and downloading their favorite things, especially music software and karaoke software to play music. These days, many people want to buy a karaoke player, […]