Buffalo Bills transition 2007–2008

Years have passed since the Buffalo Bills tasted championship glory: 1965 for league championships and 1995 for a division championship. Is 2007 as good a year as any for the Buffalo Bills to bounce back? What has been going on with the Buffalo Bills in the preseason period? 2008 will be Bill’s 49th season and will be led by head coach Dick Jauron, who is returning for a third year. However, a big difference will be in the leadership of Turk Schonert, the team’s new offensive coordinator. How does the team look in terms of new additions and big losses?

Defensive tackle Marcus Stroud was acquired in a trade from the Jacksonville Jaguars in exchange for third- and fifth-round draft picks. Meanwhile, the team signed five free agents, including linebacker Kawika Mitchell from the New York Giants, defensive tackle Spencer Johnson from the Minnesota Vikings, two tight ends Courtney Anderson and Teyo Johnson from the Oakland Raiders and cornerback William James, who was taken from the Philadelphia Eagles. The team has also had two undrafted picks this season, coming from Army fullback Mike Viti and offensive guard Robert Felton from the University of Arkansas.

There have also been some substantial losses for this season. There were three free agents who were snapped up by other teams, including wide receiver Sam Aiken, who went to the New England Patriots and cornerback Jason Webster, who also went to the Patriots. Tight end Michael Gaines also signed to play for the Detroit Lions. The team not only lost a few players to other teams, but also released four players from their contracts, including running back Anthony Thomas, defensive tackle Larry Tripplett, linebacker Coy Wire, and wide receiver Peerless Price. (Who now lives up to his name)

Will the team shakeup help his chances? Going into the 2008 season, the biggest holes on the team were at the positions of: wide receiver, cornerback, and tight end. They scored well in the eyes of many fans by selecting Leodis McKelvin, who was considered one of the best picks in the draft, not to mention picking James Hardy. Other notable draft picks included second cornerbacks Reggie Corner and second wide receiver Steve Johnson. Other signings that may prove to be the Bills’ redemption in 2008 include Chris Ellis, Derek Fine, Alvin Bowen, Xavier Omon, Demetrius Bell and Kennard Cox.

How have the NFL media and fans responded to the Buffalo Bills draft pick? Obviously everyone is proud of the team’s acquisition of McKelvin and Hardy. However, some have questioned the signings of Rincón and Fine, especially considering the round draft. How will the Bills fare in 2008?

While the Bills have yet to claim a Super Bowl victory, they went on to win two league championships, four conference championships, and 10 division championships, most recently in 1995. With a dynamic new team, Buffalo could be long overdue for a winning season and perhaps even Super Bowl glory, which will certainly send the team’s revenue soaring!

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