10 wacky reasons to get a pet

Having been a dog owner for most of my life, I would advise any potential owner that dog ownership has its ups and downs.

Still, downsides (for example, too much barking or excessive pooping) aren’t enough to tell.

Here are some plausible, if slightly wacky, reasons to get a dog.

1. A pet is a treat for the eyes.

For starters, dogs are a feast for the eyes. His absolute cuteness just makes you go “aww”.

Cloudy, my little West Highland girl, made me laugh this morning when she climbed into my closet and insisted it was her lair.

The whimsical ways of a dog simply attract you.

2. It keeps you calm.

In addition to its cute appearance, a dog keeps you calm. Looking at it only soothes frayed nerves.

Petting a dog releases endorphins and lifts poor spirits. It also relieves stress.

3. A pet makes a good pillow.

Also, as long as you don’t crush it with your head, a pet makes a great pillow.

Still, it’s comfortable to at least snuggle up next to him.

4. It’s fun.

Aside from pillows, pets are fun, wonderful playmates and companions.

Would a human catch a ball with their teeth?

5. It may help you.

And then pets can help you too. Contrary to popular belief, they make a living.

Use them as doorbells, security guards or pest exterminators.

6. It keeps you safe.

Speaking of being guards, dogs are excellent. A dog is a protective creature and will defend you when necessary. He keeps you safe.

7. A pet is good entertainment.

A dog is also wonderful entertainment. He is an animated creature full of hilarious antics.

My terrier, Cloudy, enjoys competing with my Schnauzer, Misty, to see if he can finish first in a race. I say “bye bye” and Cloudy gets anxious to get past Misty.

He also enjoys picking up strange objects and offering them to me.

8. Helps you make friends.

Like all other pets, dogs help the completely introverted to make some friends. There is no better place to find some than a dog park or even a veterinary clinic with a medical environment.

9. He is not fussy.

To add, dogs are not as picky as humans. Two dogs can fight one day and be great friends the next.

10. He doesn’t ask for much.

They definitely don’t ask for much. Aside from a little grooming or some obedience classes, you don’t have to take it to ballet sessions or choir camp.

Unless your dog is Misty, who howls when she hears the piano.

If you haven’t decided to get a dog, what’s stopping you?

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