The need for interactive functions in smart watches

Sponsored by Seiko (Japan), smartwatches have been around for about three decades. The first versions of smart watches allowed the user to feed data, view different time zones, and perform basic calculations. The next generation of these devices incorporated GPS and a host of other wireless sensor features, such as […]

Xbox One: a great choice for the holidays

Christmas, Christmas is here. Time for toys and time for applause! Yes, that is correct! It’s only a month until Christmas. It’s November and we’re starting the countdown until we all get the great (or not-so-great) gifts we’ve been waiting for all year. Hot on this list are game consoles. […]

Amahi for Ubuntu: the ultimate home server?

What is Amahi? Amahi, according to the server’s official website at, is the software that powers the PC that acts as a central computer for your home network. Amahi handles the storage, entertainment and computing aspects of your home network. You can watch your downloaded TV shows on your […]

To transmit, or not to transmit

It can’t be argued that streaming movies, shows, and music is extremely convenient for the average user, but is it really worth it? Being an author and recording artist, I’m not a huge fan of streaming services as they only pay royalty pennies for any music composition they stream. This […]

Old English War Poetry

The First World War was a terrible loss of approximately 9 million young lives. With this loss comes sadness and the inability to simply understand why? Two young poets of the time, Rupert Brooks and Wilfred Owen became victims of this war, but before they died they used their pens […]

Overcome school anxiety

Every morning is a battle: get out of bed, get dressed, and eat breakfast. This is just you. What Happens When Your Child (or Children) Has School Anxiety? What tensions does this cause within the home? What promises do you have to make to get your child to school? What […]