The importance of employee benefit plans

A well-structured employee benefits plan can help attract and retain productive employees who contribute to the bottom line of your business. Being aware of the tremendous impacts that we all know about is important. The absence of a valuable employee due to health and stress-related issues is costly, time-consuming, and […]

Legal considerations when planning events

You have booked the speaker, hired a room, hired a team of volunteers, and prepared a marketing plan. If that wasn’t enough, you also need to make sure your event doesn’t breach various legal issues. The exact legal requirements of the event vary from place to place and the rules […]

How the Internet Affects Traditional Media

Traditional publishing house, REST IN PEACE This is the headline that greets you as you land on a website erected as a monument to commemorate the decline of traditional media. A photograph of a man who appears to be in danger and possibly has just lost his job accompanies this […]

Intellectual property: who needs it and why?

In today’s competitive world, almost every business thrives on innovation and ownership. Genuine business assets including ideas and concepts are protected with the help of intellectual property or intellectual property. Is today’s competitive business world very different from the days of the past? The honest answer would be both yes […]

Organizational training programs

Training programs are designed to create an environment within the organization that encourages lifelong learning of job-related skills. Training is a key element in improving the overall effectiveness of the organization, whether it is basic skills to get the job done or advanced skills to improve current skills. Training enables […]

Basics of revenue recognition audits

Revenue recognition accounting is a process that describes how a company records sales transactions in financial statements. When recording revenue, companies are required to comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Under GAAP, to record a sale as revenue, the revenue must be recognized initially. Consequently, for an income to […]

The benefits of G Suite options

If you are still thinking of upgrading to GSuite, consider the paid version. It has quite a few advantages that you won’t get with the free version. You will be able to benefit from Google’s labor migration services. The process is streamlined and makes it very simple for you to […]

The 7 Best Home Business Ideas

If you’ve spent some time researching the Internet, you’ve come across hundreds of home-based business start-up ideas. How do you find out what are scams and what are genuine ways to make money? Keep reading and researching. Anyone who promises they can make a quick buck in just a few […]

Fundamentals of contract law

No matter where you live in North America, you must have seen some humorous cartoons depicting a not-so-trustworthy real estate agent intending to sell a home to an innocent-looking couple. My favorite vignette, which still makes me chuckle today, dates back to a few years ago when I was practicing […]