Woman in 69 position: how to give her explosive oral pleasure

The term “69 positions” is coined after the image of couples while simultaneously performing oral sex. When done correctly, it provides both partners with an explosive sensation and orgasm. However, some complained that it is uncomfortable and inconvenient. I said nonsense. Read on as I reveal some tricks to impress your woman in 69 position:

# 1 keep it wet

The key factor in enjoying a 69 experience is humidity. While she is capable of producing moisture, you can certainly use lubricants to spice up her sensation. Experiment with various types of lubricants (for example, scented lubricants, lickable lubricants, and hot lubricants) until you find the best type to turn her on.

# 2. Treat her like ice cream

Your private areas (including the perineum, clitoris, and vagina) are very sensitive and respond to light stimulation. Therefore, always be gentle and slow with the movement of your tongue. The best way to stimulate the sexy nerve in these areas is to stroke her like you’re licking ice cream. Start slowly by licking the areas around her clitoris and then slowly stroking her with increased speed. Vary your stroke pattern and pressure until you reach orgasm.

Tip: If you are the one to lie on your back, place a large pillow under your head to give you better access to your genitals.

# 3. G-spot stimulation

Another great way to stimulate a woman in 69 position is the G-spot massage. While licking her clitoris, slide your finger inside her vaginal wall to locate her G-spot. It is a tiny, bean-like tissue that you It gives a rough feeling when you touch it. Next, curl your fingers and gently rub the G-spot in a steady motion. Rub it up and down, rub it in circular motions. Monitor your response closely to discover your favorite. The constant rubbing and licking will build up the moisture really quickly and eventually lead to a really powerful and overwhelming orgasm.

Tip: To avoid STDs and throat complications, it is recommended to use dental guards.

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