Why digital marketing fails and how to set it up from the start:

(1) Most digital marketers fail for several reasons:
• Lack of knowledge of how digital marketing works and it is a big responsibility to inspect because the digital world is exploiting new types of social networks, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, sites, partner connections and most are confused. knowing how to contribute your short period, money, efforts and energy just like taking care of a productive plant or tree and start producing fruitful results.

• Unable to understand the intricacies of email marketing, remain stately in your business approach, locate your right audience, and how to reliably attract customers on the long premise.

• Unable to locate their own voice or brand or specialty and further in the right ways and lead themselves.

• Unable to know how to earn money despite a time of efforts and not knowing how to sanction their processes and make the right efforts in the right way.

• Do more of what works, eg build your own site and make a heavenly or holy investment to enable your site annually with support services and purchase your own domain space with support services.

• For my part, I use and suggest Blue Host administrations with Word Press. join here Click here to view Blue Host services. ·

• Lack of information on Sales Psychology and bringing guests/visitors to your site without a verbal exchange and adopting a business minded strategy.

(2) My recommendation for all beginners who are interested in building their own website in the case of selling items, for example, beautifying cosmetic products or agents, kitchen appliances, books, services or art/products craft, electronic devices or administrations, for example, online classes or instructional exercises, manpower administrations, advisory administrations or whatever, I propose the four (4) introductory advances attached:

I. Create your own website without any preparation using WordPress and keep a journal of your Life Vision.
II. The main heavenly speculation or sacred investment here is a couple of dollars or in the currency forms of your own countries, pay the facilitating administrations per year or whatever plan you choose.

3rd I strongly suggest Blue Host Service as your blessed and empowered company to buy your space name (domain name) and to facilitate web administrations (web hosting services). With Blue Host you can buy your domain name and have web hosting services that you pay for per year or for a couple of years depending on your choice and purchase plan.

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IV. On the other hand, people who are totally disapproved at this point in their holy adventure and their holy investment in Blue Host, I recommend using a free administration and web hosting services, like Infinity.net as another option, options to get this program . the way, however, may not have all the highlights of a paid Blue Host area and administrative facilities. When you buy a space name or domain name make sure it is SEO (search engine optimization) compliant tagline and for your prolonged achievement in money related opportunity I suggest you use expansion website (model: ano1products.com instead of others, eg .net, or something like that). Kindly opt for the dot com domain name instead of other domain names like net or any. Little by little I strongly propose that you have your own site whether your adventure time is just a couple of hours for automated income or full time salary with space and Blue Host administrations since they are the best as my teacher says and you can self-investigate alone also to check my affection for Blue Host. The best way to get started is to claim your own site and use a paid hosting administration, for example Blue Host, which will be your only sacred investment per year.
I wish you all the best as you sign up with WordPress and Blue Host Domain Services to get the essential start to owning your own website and taking a step towards financial freedom. Tutorials on how to get started with WordPress and do web hosting services, use YouTube tutorials or there are many online platforms like Udemy Online Training Platform. Some of the courses on Udemy are free and most of them are paid and allow you to use all the free resources everywhere and GET STARTED.

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