What are the costs of water damage repair?

It is very difficult to answer this question with an exact figure, since there are a number of factors that are taken into account. This article is intended to tell you about the factors and get a better idea of ​​the cost of repairing water damage.

What are the costs of water damage repair?

Before you start looking at the factors that go into the calculation, it’s important to know that different companies will give you different quotes. It is wise to shop around and find out who will give you the best quality service at the best quality price. Very often, if it is substantial damage and you want to make an insurance claim, your insurance company will hire the team that will repair the damage.

The factors taken into account are

– The level of the water that caused the damage. Obviously, more water means more damage would have been done. If the same company is removing the water for you, they will charge you based on the number of cubic meters you have to remove.

– The size of the affected area is also taken into account. If all of your property has been affected, this will be more expensive.

– The magnitude of the damage. A proper assessment of the property is necessary, as the damage may be invisible to the naked eye. Very often it is necessary to replace the pipes or the electrical cables no longer work. In this case, the wall or floor must be removed.

– How much furniture and equipment can be saved? With extensive damage through the water, it’s not often that most can be saved.

– The type of water that caused the damage. If it was your local river that overflowed its banks, then the water will be dirty and all your property will need to be disinfected. If it was clean water from the kitchen tap, this is easier to clean.

– What are the redecoration costs? Do you have to re-plaster the walls and re-lay the floors? Very often baseboards and doors need to be replaced after a lot of water damage.

The above are all factors that need to be considered when evaluating how much it will cost to repair the damage. They also make a good argument for why homeowners should have home insurance.

It is advisable not to make small claims on your home insurance, as this can increase your annual payments. However, if extensive damage has been done, repair costs can run into the thousands of dollars. Make sure your insurance policy is current and valid.

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