The Magi and the truth about the birth of Christ

The three wise men failed miserably in their vocation. They were followers of Zoroaster who were helped to the place of birth to fulfill their various destinies. But instead of his main vocation, which was to protect the boy with his wealth so that he would not fail in the performance of his duties, they gave him earthly gifts – gold, frankincense and myrrh – and left the boy at the mercy of ambition. of Herod. If it weren’t that the Almighty gave extra strength and powers to Mary and Joseph so that, because of restlessness, Mary would have to convince Joseph of the need to leave Nazareth for Egypt. They lived in Egypt for three years before Mary reluctantly agreed to let them return home.

The concern was basically due to the separation of Mary from her mother, Ana, because of the “illegitimate” earthly son that she brought to the house of Joseph. If Joseph had not loved Mary very much, it would have been difficult for him to accept Mary and her pregnancy, especially since Mary made no secret of her short-lived relationship with a Roman captain. He supported her and even defended her when her hair color came from Christ, her regal build and her Roman eyes betrayed her physical origin. Mary was prepared during several incarnations to be the mother of the Son of God. They led her to associate with rabbis who were concerned with the prophecies of the coming Messiah. She got to a point where she wanted to be the vessel through which the messiah would come. Until the fateful day when she went to fetch water from the well and was accosted by a Roman captain who asked her for water. She gave him from her pitcher and after giving her horse a drink as well, she asked him her name. She told him. And when she turned to her men to give them orders, she Maria fled. But lightning had struck, both had fallen in love at first sight. The image of Creolus could not be erased from Maria’s memory. Creolus started coming to the well every day hoping to see Maria.

Meanwhile, Maria had told her mother why she was late at the well and the mother took the pitcher outside and broke it because it touched the hated Roman’s mouth. Until that faithful day when María was going to the well again and she saw Criollo coming and she turned aside along the path of the mountain to escape from him. Creolus followed quickly. Later, Maria remembered all the promises that the Roman made to her. He had promised to return after Rome’s call to Mary and take her from her. Mary believed her and had to bear the knowledge of her pregnancy for three months, after which she ran to her cousins ​​Elizabeth. Immediately Elizabeth, who was also pregnant, began to see. The magnificent followed. When María returned and Creolo did not show up, she alone went to see José, who had been courting her and told him the truth about her pregnancy. José’s love and the dream he had made of her made her accept her and her pregnancy. But a deep chasm developed between Mary and her mother.

Meanwhile, the reason Creolus did not come was because he continued to publish at Angle tarre, as modern England was then known. He later resigned his position and when Mary was giving birth in Bethlehem, he would parade through Nazareth looking for Mary. When Maria heard that on her return, she was disturbed. Three wise men came and gave earthly gifts to the baby. One of them was the king of Ethiopia who wanted to return to see the boy’s progress, but he never could. On his deathbed, he tasked his daughter Candace with making sure she found out about the king when she became queen. Candace later sent her former treasurer to Israel to find out about Christ. Arriving in Israel, she was met by the scribes and Pharisees who told her that the only king of Israel they knew was the one prophesied. They gave him Isaiah’s prophecy about the coming of the messiah. She was reading it without understanding when Philip the disciple asked her: Do you understand what you read?

Creolo, not finding Maria, went home and got married. In memory of Maria he named her first son Marius. He also became a captain and was the one who facilitated Nero’s meeting with Peter and Paul for the first time.

If the sages had complied, the great plan could have been fully realized. Because the teachings were to come from the Jews and be spread by the Romans, while the three kings will use his influence to make sure he isn’t killed the way he was. Thank the lord that what he was not allowed to complete has been completed in the Grail message.

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