The birth of SMS marketing

Everyone uses mobile phones for personal or business use, but how about maximizing their use to get more profit for business? That’s where SMS Marketing begins. How to facilitate this type of marketing?

First; think of all the scenarios involved in such matters. The first question to ask yourself is: do network providers have cheap rates when they use their line to send SMS to large numbers of people?

Second; Do you allow unlimited daily use of SMS? Normally in some countries this is allowed, but with limitations, such as: only valid for 5 days, 3 times within the 30-day period or the equivalent of one month. If it is in excessive use, your line will be blocked or suspended because they would see in their system how many outgoing messages went out each week or each month. There may be some issues with billing or if infringement reports are being taken on that mobile phone number that you need them to suspend use. In all countries there are some universal procedures and sometimes there are also rules unique to a company, so you need to do your homework when researching and collecting data, especially about policies. It can become a big problem to solve, if there is any way to solve it …

Third; How many network providers in your country do you need to send SMS messages? You should keep in mind that you need to target people using mobile devices to reach a massive number of users.

Four; you need to collect mobile phone numbers (the list must be 90% active numbers or else you will end up wasting your time sending messages to those inactive numbers) You should consider using postal mail numbers instead of prepaid users because people who use the postal service usually do so in business. Trying to collect all those numbers can be a huge headache. One option you can consider is purchasing a list of mobile phone numbers. There are companies that have a large number of mobile device lists, but finding them can be a big challenge. If you are lucky enough to find one that sells you a list, it can get quite expensive.

Many companies will not sell because they use it for their own purposes. You can also collect mobile phones from business cards that you have collected from previous events or exhibitions you attended. Although you may not have a large number of numbers, it is a good idea to send SMS messages to those you really want to reach.

Fifth; This is the most difficult type of marketing because you need someone (if you will be doing it manually) to operate the mobile phone all day just to send SMS messages and you could end up giving up after a week or so because it is a boring job. .

Hope this gives companies an idea of ​​how these kinds of problems were being eliminated by the marketing company that provides this kind of service using mobile system technology.

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