Ram – The inner fire


Ram means soul or Atma, he was among the 24 avatars of Lord Vishnu whose life and deeds are recorded in the Ramayana.

Ram means pure soul. Ram was the prince of Ayodhya. He was the embodiment of all noble merits.

Known as purshottama or the best among men, he had a supreme personality and limitless virtues. BRANCH brahma PARAMARTHA ROOPA in the language of saguna [manifest form] Moksha or Salvation is the name of Shri Ram.

Ram resides in the Manipur chakra or in the solar plexus. The seed mantra for the Manipur chakra is Ram and Vehicle is a ram. This chakra is the center of the entire body. All the main nadis are found there. It is very important for the functioning of the body. A child in the womb is connected to the mother through the umbilical cord near this center and receives nourishment through it.

During astral travel, the subtle body and the physical body remain connected to each other by a very fine invisible silver cord that reaches through the Manipur chakra.

The awakening of this chakra brings control over life and death, the creation of heat and knowledge of the internal functions of the physical body.

Qualities such as keen perception, tireless activity and drive to action, inner energy and courage are due to the proper function of the Manipur chakra. Intensifies blood flow, helps correct oxygenation and develops organizing power, leads to leadership of the ship. This chakra plays an important role in building a child’s character.


In Sanskrit, Agni is the flames of something that burns or something that creates light and gives energy or vitality of expression or the capacity for action or the will or power to do work signifying strength or force.

Fire is one of the five fundamental subtle elements responsible for creation. Fire can be seen, heard and felt. In order of evolution, this is the first element that can be seen. This is why it is considered the closest form of creator in visible form and is therefore considered sacred and used to invoke the lord in all rituals.

Fire generates heat in the body. It regulates eyesight, provides strength to the body through digestion, induces hunger and thirst, and maintains the suppleness of muscles and the beauty of the skin. It helps to think and facilitates the discrimination power of the brain. Helps the production of antibodies. In simple language we can say that the Fire element is the starter motor of our bodywork.

The Hindu philosophy is —referred to as Principle of Fire.

Ram and fire analogy


Heat is the form of energy that causes an increase in temperature in a body. By raising the temperature, the heat causes fusion, evaporation, expansion.

Water in the body is controlled by body heat which depends on one’s digestive power. So every time the digestive system weakens, the internal temperature drops.

When the kundalini Shakti is activated by chanting the Ram mantra, the prana descends and the apana ascends and they hit each other at the Manipur chakra and heat is created throughout the body. Due to this heat, the nadis are purified. Therefore, the creation of heat is essential for the upward movement of kundalini Shakti. When the kundalini Shakti awakens, it eats up the impurities in the body. The elements of water and earth are purified and dried and the body is rejuvenated.


Light is shine. Light makes vision possible. Light is electromagnetic radiation visible to human eyes and to all beings. Light is the product of visibility and the propagation of radiant power.

Ram as inner light is Gyan-agni or the fire of wisdom, which burns away the illusion of lower life and avidya or ignorance and leaves only the knowledge of the real.

cosmic fire

Fire burns any substance and reduces it to the smallest irreducible constituents under a particular set of circumstances.

Cosmic fire is the light of reality and is the source of divine consciousness, the root of mind and power. Ram as cosmic fire burns the illusion, the ignorance and leaves the knowledge of the Real.

Jathragani or gastric fire

The gastric fire disintegrates the food we eat and reduces it to the simple essential elements that the body can assimilate for its normal functioning.

Ram as the seed mantra for the Manipur chakra controls and regulates the fire element of the body and thus controls the spleen, liver and gallbladder and helps in the creation of bile and digestive juices.

Jnanagni or the fire of Wisdom

The basic nature of fire is to remove the non-essential and leave the essential.

Ram as the fire of wisdom burns away all illusion or Avidya or Ignorance and leaves only pure knowledge.

The latent or hidden fire

Latent fire is the fire hidden in an element like the fire hidden in a match.

In Vedic philosophy, God is called Agni or Fire because he is self-glorious, because he is embodied knowledge, Indra because he is the protector of all and the Almighty Lord of all, Prana because he is the source of life for all, and Brahman because he is the omnipresent principle of the cosmos.

Ram is the primary inner fire that contains in itself the light, brightness and heat of thousands of suns together. Ram’s inner fire combines thousands of rays together.




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