Prospecting in network marketing business

Network Marketing has three stages, which have been the same throughout history. They are prospect, presentation and follow-up. These three phases constitute the growth of your business. If your business isn’t growing and revenue is down, it’s because you’re not prospecting enough, pitching enough, or following up and starting new associates in the business enough. The way to increase your income is usually to increase the quality or quantity of your activities in one or more of these areas.

Many network marketers ask this question about how to increase our list of prospects? There have been numerous proven methods of generating leads; there is no 100% complete testing mechanism. Lead generation can be done offline, online, at no cost, and through paid advertising.

We join network marketing to make money, and we want leads generated for almost $0 or as little as possible. Let’s evaluate various options for generating leads.

Traditional way of generating offline leads:
This is the least expensive option in terms of lead generation. You walk to your nearest mall, supermarket and other public places and approach anyone inviting them to learn how to increase your income.

Many network users are stuck in understanding the perfect approach or the best approach, we believe that there is neither. The only way to be successful is by making and developing your own approach. A little trial and error will teach you which approach works best.

Traditional paid advertising:
This approach deserves some creative thinking and will cost you some money. You can advertise in the local newspaper or magazine about your business, and redirect them to contact you by phone or through your website. If you are ready to shell out some money and consider making better use of your time instead of spending time to build the list, then this is one of the best options.

Buying leads through companies:
Many network marketers want an easy way out, they want to buy leads who will be ready to do whatever it takes to build the business, but looking for free or cheap. There are companies that are willing to sell leads cheaply, but no one can guarantee if those leads are really effective. First, you need to find a good lead generation company that can really provide you with good leads; its main purpose of existence is to attract potential clients who want to build a home based opportunity.

You should negotiate with the lead generation company and forge a partnership, if they are really in the business to provide quality leads and help you grow your business.

Generate your leads online:
Google – PPC (Pay Per Click) – This has been a very common way of generating leads online, a few years ago generating leads or driving traffic to your website was not that expensive. This has changed over the years and the cost is increasing significantly to maintain quality and volume.

Facebook – PPC (Pay Per Click):
Facebook PPC is something that started recently. Not many of them know how to promote business on Facebook with PPC concept. Facebook reaches various audiences and provides advertising on your social media page.

Write articles:
This is another tool used these days to generate leads. You better spend time understanding the benefits of article marketing, leads won’t be generated with one or two articles, but you’ll need to write tons of articles before you see the real value of your efforts.

Writing articles doesn’t cost you any money but it tests your patience.

Lead generation systems:
This is another tool that can be used to generate leads. There have been many companies and individuals who have developed these types of tools. We cannot rate how effective these systems are, but it is best to do some more research on that system. You may need to develop a deep understanding of how to operate the system.

You can try one or more options to generate leads. We recommend for the best result, develop a laser-like approach and simply follow one or two approaches at most.

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