Philadelphia Church of God Leads the Laodicean Era (Conclusion)


What baffles me are the different responses I have received from various of God’s ministers who have read beyond babylon – to him and to me – before and after Dennis Leap’s PARTIAL review! (Malachi 2:9).

When I faithfully sent a computer disk of my book to Minister Wayne Turgeon, he kindly read it all over and replied:

“Oh, how I admire those who have both the ability to write and the courage to put their ideas on paper! I felt that you have a very passionate writing style that uses twists and turns of words or phrases to make your point “I searched all the scriptures you referenced and it became clear that you really have spent a lot of time in your Bible. Being Jewish, I think, gives you an additional perspective that I could never have… Much of what you have written is not a ‘new revelation’ as I am sure you will agree… It is certainly not my place to determine if it is. What you think God has shown you is true or not, but would you mind presenting Mr. Flurry with an abbreviated version of what you feel is inspired…as I highly doubt he would have time to read your entire book.”

What do you mean it’s not your place to determine if what I wrote is true or not? God holds each INDIVIDUAL responsible for prayerfully determining if something is from God or not! how do we demonstrate Malachi’s Message was it biblical? Do we rely solely on the evaluation of our minister? Everyone again?

Of course, unlike Mr. Armstrong’s extensive manuscript of nearly 300 typed pages, beyond babylon it’s only half that size, literally! I suggested to Gerald Flurry that he read the first and last chapters. Mr. Turgeon told me that Flurry gave it back to him and said something to the effect of, “He always sends us stuff.”

I have written short letters to the point, such as correcting him on Mount Hermon and Mount Carmel after he continued to confuse the two in various articles. I know them because it has hurt me to have lived next to both of them. Mr. Turgeon also wrote that I was a bit “too radical” for Mr. Flurry and wondered what he had said or done that he had given him that impression. I explained that it is because I took offense at his negligent condemnation of those religious Jews who want the Temple built as “extremists.” I wrote that it is extremist for secular Jews and humanists to oppose turning the Promised Land into the Holy Land!

Flurry was shocked and had also written against the STRONG EMOTIONS some feel about Jerusalem and Israel. How could God use someone so distant there?! Some of us have a GOD GIVEN LOVE for Jerusalem and a genuine passion for Judah that is very personal; we are not a stranger in OUR Motherland! (Psalm 102:14; Psalm 137; Isaiah 62). That’s not “radical”, that’s BIBLICAL!

Minister Carl Craven also read beyond babylon and recognized it as Biblical. He said that he had not looked up all the Scriptures, but he was sure that if he had, they would also be used correctly. I commented that I know it’s biblical, but he was just waiting for headquarters to prove it to themselves as well. He expressed his understanding of how difficult it is to be patient in the meantime. When Dennis Leap called, it was to instruct me to STAY HOME FROM SATURDAY SERVICES while he looked at the book! I did not recall such an unusual request being made to Mr. Armstrong, and I recognized that he was going against “innocent until proven guilty” but compelled in the hope of returning soon (John 7:51).

“Don’t prophesy!”

After a while, I called Mr. Leap. He said that he had read PARTS of the book, and that it didn’t matter if Mr. Flurry had read it or not (although I was led to believe that he would pass it on to him). He said, “You use pretty strong language there,” to which I replied, “But it’s Biblical, isn’t it?” “Well, yes, but…”. He also pointed out, as did Mr. Turgeon, that most of it is what we already teach. I agreed and said that this should serve as a GOOD SIGN, but that the NEW REVELATION about the Two Witnesses and Europe is firmly built on that foundation.

Dennis Leap found it difficult to accept that a LAY MEMBER would write such a book. He admitted that Flurry had received bits of revelation from lay members, but NEVER a complete book! He did not want to be judged by the above, but by whether or not what he had written was biblical. If he was in error, then it was his duty to show me clearly where FROM THE BIBLE, how Aquilla and Priscilla helped improve the understanding of Apollos (Acts 18:26).

They informed me that if I wanted to return to services, I would have to forget beyond babylon, acting like a “regular lay member”, and basically denying it was from God! Like Mr. Armstrong, he had PROVEN that what he had written was TRUE. Leap didn’t actually say he wasn’t or try to refute it.

I told Mr. Leap that I didn’t want to play politics. Insisting that I must be a MINISTER to write such a book, he was still looking for MEN OF STATURE! And since I’m not, he demanded that I “DON’T PROPHESY!” (Amos 2:12).

He got very angry when I mentioned this and said that he was cutting all ties between me and the PCG, and that I should not claim any association with the PCG. He Said I was now free to go and do whatever God wanted me to do with BB and not care if he or Mr. Flurry had read it or not! When I expressed the hope of reconciliation, he replied that we could do it when he was sorry. About what? OBEY GOD INSTEAD OF MAN? Is that “rebellion”?

Mr. Armstrong WAS NOT an ordained minister either when he wrote what he felt GOD wanted him to share! The Identity Doctrine was not so much a new truth as a new way of presenting it. I’m sure he didn’t let those two points stop him! It is not like this? So I was WRONGLY LEGATED for believing God used me to write a book, and MARKED for exposing the facts about Mr. Leap’s insanity!

Will Dennis Leap stop being jealous of what God wants me to offer (1 Samuel 2:29)? Will Gerald Flurry SHALL HONOR GOD more than man, and he will acknowledge beyond babylon belongs to God and HIS Church? (II Sam. 19:5-7; Galatians 2:9). Will Flurry come back to stand up for God’s Word or try to support Leap and fall with him? (Isaiah 22:19). Did God remove Mr. Amos so that Dennis Leap could be used to test us all? (Nahum 1:11). WHY IS THE BIBLE OUT OF THE PICTURE? (Pictured in The Philadelphia Trumpet photo by Mr. Flurry.) Does Mr. Flurry feel like he’s got it done now? (1 Corinthians 10:12). A picture is worth a thousand words!

There are no cowards in the Kingdom!

May God give his people COURAGE! If they are AFRAID to question Dennis Leap’s serious actions, how can God expect them to take on the world (Jeremiah 12:5; Revelation 21:8)? God is sick of flatterers and tired of the timid! We must be bold as lions (Daniel 11:32)! We’re supposed to be ready to die for each other, not betray and abandon each other! Yet too often the family of faith has lost its warm and loving environment to an intimidating atmosphere of fear and oppression (Jeremiah 12:6). It’s bad enough when you can’t trust your own family (Jeremiah 9:4). Brothers turning brothers to “authorities” for the wrong reasons and misinforming others (1 Cor. 5:8). How COLD HEARTED (Matt. 10:32-40).

God pronounces WOE on those who support wrong judgments (Isa. 5:32) and CONDEMNS THEM as an ABOMINATION (Prov. 17:15). speak against selling someone to gain an advantage (Ex. 23:8). those who have become achievements to MURDER THE CHARACTER they have not only abandoned a member of the Church, they are guilty of BETRAYING CHRIST! (Exodus 20:16; Matthew 10:33). In reality, it is God’s law that they have rejected and his Word that they have despised (Isaiah 5:24). You cannot treat someone with such hate and fool God because you love them (1 John 4:20). You can turn your back on a brother, but you are going to FACE GOD (Mark 9:42)!

Whether you sold yourself to curry favor with a minister, or to stay in an organization or position, that “blood money” WILL COST YOUR LIFE! God WILL JUDGE SUCH PEOPLE (if they do not repent) and bring them down from their high and powerful imaginations and exalted positions (Isaiah 22:15-19; Deuteronomy 32:36). For those bent on JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS blindly, acting like GOOD NAZIS, God is going to deliver you to Europe! If that’s what you want, that’s what you’ll get!

Father knows best!

Too Many they are still searching mens to save them! Is it up to Gerald Flurry to decide who will enter the Kingdom of God? Of course not, and he would agree, but brothers, it is just as BLASPHEMOUS to believe that it is up to him or any other MAN to decide who gets to go to Petra. What minister was crucified for you? (1 Corinthians 1:12-13; 3:3-9). What last name were you baptized with? If GOD put you in HIS Church, can any man take you out? If God gave you the Holy Spirit from him, can any minister take it away from you? If God finds you worthy to escape, can anyone stop you? (Luke 21:36). WHOSE APPROVAL ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? (John 9:22; 13:42-43).

Are you not willing to be like Jesus, who was abandoned by everyone? Are you not willing to follow Jesus out of the camp, bearing his reproach and suffering his shame? (Hebrews 13:12-13; 2 Timothy 1:8). Those who place an IDOLATRIC TRUST in ministers or politicians are going to find that they cannot deliver! (Deuteronomy 32:36-39; Hosea 13:10). Mortals cannot save or protect you. Also, if you’re just trying to save your skin, you’ll lose your skin! Only Jesus Christ can offer salvation, and only those whom the FATHER finds worthy will escape. It does not depend on any general pastor or minister. Many of them will be slaughtered with THEIR sheep! (1 Corinthians 9:27; Isaiah 46:2).

If God could provide the “travel arrangements” for Enoch, Elijah and Philip – INDIVIDUALS – can’t He take care of you? (Acts 8:39; Revelation 12:6; Jeremiah 3:14). God will not forget you or leave you behind (Heb. 6:10; Isa. 49:15). He knows the scattered condition of his saints and the reasons why, and he promises us: “I will seek what is lost, and I will bring what was cast, and I will bind up what was broken, and I will strengthen what was sick.” … “(Ezekiel 34:16). The Good Shepherd does not abandon his flock!

God’s Two Witnesses will SOON take the stand! They will testify before a WORLD COURT, and many will be familiar with it, having read about it in Beyond Babylon! It is biblical that just as surely as Europe is on the rise, so are God’s stellar witnesses (Isaiah 60:1). But when have proud and stubborn RELIGIOUS LEADERS accepted the changing of the guard or the coming of God (Rev. 11:8)? Sardis did not. Joseph Tkach did not. Will Gerald Flurry PASS THE BATON gracefully to the Two Witnesses? Or will history repeat itself? We’ll see!

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