What are the fads and fashions of food?

How did the food trend change? Exploration. India had the spices, China had the tea, and those who went to remote places began to trade. However, much of the food we eat today originated in the Americas. The Pilgrims may have brought the turkey to the first Thanksgiving, but it […]

Why You Should Have a Corporate Lawyer on Staff

Corporations and small businesses are sites of expertise in their own industries. Business executives are highly specialized professionals whose main focus is the efficient and profitable management of their businesses. These professionals must be able to dedicate their time and energy to that purpose, not to worry about big and […]

Inside the Boxscores Week 3 Part 2

Inside the Boxscores is a weekly article by Matt Fargo that has been widely recognized as the best summary of college football. He thoroughly analyzes each game and extracts the most relevant information that will help you play handicap in the future. College football is full of wacky plays, misleading […]