How to tenderize a steak with salt

I’ve been over-salting my steaks for years because, unbeknownst to me, something magical happens during this preparatory process. By not being a chemist, I refer to this magic as purely “delicious”, but food scientists will tell you that there is a tenderizing method that anyone can use by salting the […]

Organic lawn care

Americans love their lawns and as Americans we want them to be the best in the neighborhood and the greener, healthier, and lush the better. Guess what? You can have that lawn you’ve always wanted without wasting hours and weeks at a time. Never heard of that before? That’s right, […]

The three basic services offered by elevator companies

Elevator companies are an integral part of modern Western society. With an accessory such as the lift ingrained enough in today’s public consciousness to be inseparable from it, it is only natural that companies created to maintain and service these types of implements are successful and widespread throughout the Western […]

Urban industrial furniture and interiors

The industrial interior design style is characterized by concrete floors, brick walls, beamed ceilings and exposed wood pipes, unfinished paint, rustic wood and earthy finishes. Mix it up with some farmhouse-style furniture and polished urban surfaces for the coolest upstate look. Some industrial elements but tempered by softer finishes, such […]

Sync 3 now supports Apple CarPlay

Ford now supports SYNC 3 with software updates to support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ™ for 2016 and 2017 model year vehicles. Customers can now upgrade by downloading the software to a USB drive, visiting a dealer, or using a wireless Wi-Fi connection. This is Ford’s first software update […]

Market Segmentation for Nonprofits in 7 Steps

Nonprofits can and should adopt best practices taken from the for-profit sector when doing so can help them run a more efficient and productive organization. In fact, nonprofits should take seriously any business or operating practice that can lower costs and further stretch the operating budget. One of those practices […]