The purpose of social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is the practice of tagging a website and saving it for later. This method allows Internet users to share, organize, and manage their favorite web pages. As a reader, you can see what other people with similar interests mark as important. Social bookmarking websites are free to use. […]

Helping Your Child Succeed in Kindergarten

Your child’s first year of school should be fun and exciting. weather. Children who are comfortable and prepared for this The first school experience is more likely to be rewarding and productive years and therefore associate positive feelings with education. Since parents are children’s first and foremost important teachers, you […]

A downside of using Metamucil for weight loss

Metamucil has only one real downside when it comes to losing weight or managing it. As a fiber supplement, Metamucil is exceptional. It is a great way to add needed fiber to your diet. One rounded tablespoon of Metamucil with real sugar provides 3 grams of dietary fiber. The recommended […]

How dog poop caught a criminal

The Scratch and Sniff Animal Shelter in a small town in Iowa had been looking for someone to volunteer to care for the dogs and cats on their premises. Specifically, they wanted someone to volunteer to pick up waste from the walking dogs. A man in his forties entered the […]

NCAA Weekly Plate – 01/28/06

With the college basketball season in full swing, Matt Fargo takes a look at three great games you can’t miss this Saturday. Wisconsin Badgers at Michigan Wolverines 2:30 pm ET Wisconsin is the lowest of the Big Ten’s five ranked teams, but the Badgers are alone in first place. With […]