The whys and hows of vintage jewelry

The “get out with the old, get in with the new” mentality is not always the case when it comes to jewelry. Choosing your jewelry has always been a matter of preferences and tastes. Whether you like modern looking jewelry or not, there is always a special place in people’s […]

Revenge of the Sith: creativity and structure

The common belief is that lack of structure and randomness enhances creative output, while in reality creativity increases when it is organized, systematic, and based on highly structured processes. This article will use Episode III of the Star Wars trilogy, Revenge of the Sith, to demonstrate that point. First, some […]

Discipline in public life

Discipline in public life ensures peace and harmony, which in turn drives the forces of progress and prosperity. No country, large or small, can afford to play duck and duck with the dirty discipline called. Any conversation about equity or social justice becomes a cry in the desert or a […]

Gemstone item

Gemstones: Introduction For the past 10,000 years, humanity has always been fascinated with gemstones. Its colors, properties, myths and legends are diverse and captivating. In ancient times, gemstones were reserved only for the wealthy and served as status symbols. They were also used as amulets and talismans, offering protection against […]