Overcome anger through dream therapy

Dreams with violent dream scenes are common. These dreams should alarm you.

I will give you an example to show you why you should worry whenever you have such dreams. Here is part of a long dream from a woman who is having relationship problems:

“All of a sudden I hear a gun cock and I drop to the ground and I hear gunshots and they shoot and kill the black guy and then they kill T’s friend C and they shoot T in the head. Then it happens to T to be in the hospital on life support.

(T and I have dated for the last 3 years and 2 weeks ago he broke up with me after me and his ex had an argument. C is a friend of T who works for T in his business. T came home about a month before that they broke up and they told me that C was acting very strange… )’
I removed your explanation of C’s behavior because it contained personal details. You have to imagine a problem that caused C to behave strangely. He represents a part of his personality that started acting differently for some reason.

Dream Translation:

“All of a sudden I hear a gun cock and I drop to the ground and I hear gunshots and they shoot and kill the black guy and then they kill T’s friend C and they shoot T in the head.”

You represent your ego.

Black represents a mature part of your personality that accepts the bad.

T represents your perfect match. You have objective information about him in your dreams. He does not have a symbolic meaning like the other people who appear in the dream.

C represents a mature part of your personality that behaves strangely because it is irritated and fearful.

The ones with weapons were violent parts of your personality that belong to your anti-conscience.

The gun and the shots represent violence.

The fact that a negative part of your personality has killed your perfect partner means that your violent attitude will be fatal for your perfect partner. In other words, you will be cruel. You should be careful with your words and your actions in the situation you find yourself in.

The head in dreams is related to mental health and reasoning.

The fact that the negative parts of your personality shoot T in the head means that they will generate a mental illness in his conscience because of your violent behavior.

There are too many negative parts of your personality that influence your behavior.

The negative parts of your personality were also trying to violently kill your ego.

The fact that black and C have died means that you no longer need their example because you are already imitating their negative behavior and making their mistakes.

You must be extremely careful and control your anger. I understand that you are going through a stressful situation, and the negative parts of your personality are taking advantage of your anger to control your behavior.

You have to be superior and always control your behavior without rebelling against the mistakes of others. Otherwise, your fight against conscience will ruin your personality and your life. The fight against conscience is violent, immoral, cruel and absurd.

This dream is showing you that you are about to make serious mistakes because you are controlled by your anti-conscience.

The unconscious mind will show you in your dreams how you can eliminate your anti-conscience, so that your conscience controls your behavior, and not your wild side.

‘Then it happens to T to be in the hospital on life support.’

The hospital in dreams represents a serious psychological transformation. Your perfect match had to go through a serious transformation after being ruined by the negative parts of your personality.

In other words, your negative and violent behavior will destroy the person you love. He will have to start his life over in order to survive after facing what you will do against him because you are angry.

If you obey the unconscious guidance in your dreams, you (the human being focused on your consciousness) will be able to control your behavior.

You will learn to become a wise human being. You will stop getting angry with the evil of other people. The unconscious mind will transform you into a superior person.

You will also learn to stop making mistakes and avoid facing unpleasant and dangerous situations.

This dreamer is in a dangerous situation because she is controlled by her anti-conscience, since she is angry with what happened.

She’s not neurotic, but she can make herself more mentally ill if she does something foolish. Fortunately, she is translating the meaning of her dreams and learning how to behave in this difficult situation. Her success depends on her obedience to divine guidance.

At this moment everything seems to be impossible. However, if she is obedient, all her problems will be solved.

I saw many miracles happen, but I also saw many disobedient dreamers make mistakes that they shouldn’t have made since they had a warning about this matter in a dream. That is why I told you that whether she will successfully solve her problems or not depends on her obedience to divine guidance.

If she is disobedient and insists on being violent even after receiving this warning, she will face the consequences of her mistake. Just by knowing how she should behave, she didn’t solve her problems.

You have to behave according to God’s guidance in your dreams to solve each problem, one by one, or many problems at the same time.

You must remember that a conflict generates many other problems, and your anger makes you vulnerable to the control of your anticonscience every time you face a difficult and dangerous situation.

You should be careful and regularly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can prevent bad events, instead of doing what can cause problems in the future. If you are already in a difficult situation, your dreams will help you understand what to do.

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