No, old age is not a bitch

Many women aged 70 and over often complain to me: “Old age is a whore.”

Usually my answer is: “Well yeah, old age can be a bitch, but it doesn’t have to be …” Have you ever heard the expression “Life is what you do”? It is not just a saying, it is true.

Old age may seem like a whore due to poor health, loneliness, financial problems, or you don’t look the way you used to, but here’s the truth: If you can still complain, you can change things. You may not be able to do much, but you can often do more than you think you can do if you decide to TRY. Just trying is energizing.

Let’s think about the things that are said that affect older people and what to do about them.

“I am a victim”: There may be more than a few uncompounded mentisBut if we’re smart enough to be on a computer, then we’re smart enough to smell a phishing scam from a mile away. Who in their right mind would respond to an email from Nigeria or anywhere else promising millions of dollars from a dead uncle (we never had) if we sent $ 500 to remove a government lock on money?

What to do instead: If you have $ 500 to throw away, buy a couple of McDonald’s shares and watch it grow. It is easy to get started. Open an account with Schwab or another investment company.

(Very early in life, when I was poor but hopeful, I invested $ 200 that I couldn’t afford in McDonalds stock. It grew and continues to grow. I have given my grandchildren stock and the stock is still worth much more than I paid for. The price will go up and down, but as the TV commercial for the chicken fryer recommends, “Set it and forget it. No, your old age doesn’t make it too late to buy.”

Loneliness: Many lonely seniors looking for love go to a dating site with the expectation of finding a perfect match. Possible? Of course. Probable? No. Dr. Phil has aired more than a couple of shows demonstrating how seniors seeking love get the financial ride of a lifetime. It’s sad, but loneliness can lead to despair.

What to do instead: Volunteer to help others emotionally in need more than you. By giving ourselves, we can find the love we want. We receive many unexpected gifts when we help others.

Living life in memories: Many older adults have nothing but memories to keep them busy. They don’t realize that they can volunteer or get a job if they are mentally and physically competent. It doesn’t matter what the job is, as it provides emotional satisfaction.

I remember a television episode of Shark Tank in which a young woman knitted purses as a business and looked for women to help. She went to a nearby retirement community and found a treasure trove of older women who loved to knit and made excellent paid employees. It was beneficial for everyone, but especially for retirees who found a new purpose in life. Not only that, but their personalities came back to life. They looked and felt better because they were useful. They were grateful to have received a “push” to get back into the flow of the “real world”.

What to do instead: Get a job, any job that takes you outside of yourself. Leisure-oriented retirement is a government construct that leads to inevitable decline. Never discount the value of work to your mind and body. Use it or lose it.

Misery loves company: One of the many things I don’t like about retirement communities and government senior programs is that there are too many opportunities to find “misery loves company” partners. While it can promote a kind of camaraderie, it is not healthy.

What to do instead: Develop your own “senior center” of like-minded rebels with a positive mindset, determined to survive and help each other overcome life’s obstacles, and welcome the advantages of old age and serve others. “non-members”.

Yes, in many ways, old age can be a bitch. But it does not have to be like that. If you are mentally competent, there are many things that can be done to make “old age” better and even joyful for yourself and others. Never think or believe that you are “too old” to do what your soul and psyche ask you to do. Be brave and daring. You can do it!

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