Mini Cooper

Mini Coopers are the coolest and most fashionable because there are! After seeing Charlize Theron operating that Mini Cooper in the movie The Italian Job, all the women found it very attractive and also wished they had one of their own. Even Mark Wahlberg driving that car made him look so sexy that men would like to try this little devil too. This movie definitely brought out the beauty and strength of Mini Coopers in 2003.

Many people would agree that the attributes of this cute and sassy car are very positive. The interior of the car looks very attractive. Most reviews would agree that the seats are very comfortable, whether you are the designated driver or just shooting. This car, despite its small appearance, has a very spacious cabin that can be used to store almost anything.

Another good thing about this car is that the drivers found it very easy to drive. Its power is adequate enough for its size. The Minis have a very attractive design that makes women’s hearts melt and if you have one, it is definitely a magnet for girls. Apart from the spacious cabin, the Mini also has many features that are very useful and convenient for the owner.

This car is definitely a complement for those who are particular in high performance driving. If you also like to travel, this car will take you to your destination safely. It is comfortable that long trips are not a problem.

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