Make your PS3 last longer

If you are a serious gamer, you could spend hours a day playing on your PlayStation. The last thing you would like to see happen is for it to break down. Especially if you have a guarantee, it could be weeks before you play again. The average wait time is two weeks and that means weeks without your favorite video game. The worst thing is seeing that yellow light, which indicates that it is time to send it in for repair. So what can you do to avoid this? There are some simple preventative steps you can take that will give you longevity on your game console.

Whenever possible, turn the PlayStation on its side. Placing it horizontally will make it heat up faster. This is important if you play for hours. Try to keep it away from other items that could cause it to overheat. This is especially important for original models. The first PS3 I bought lasted for about six months before it broke down. If possible, you may consider purchasing a ventilation system that allows you to play longer. When gaming on your system for more than three hours, it is a good idea to turn it off and let it cool down. It also depends on how you use it. Surfing the net or using it to watch a movie online does not have the same effect as using a disc.

Cleaning it periodically is essential. Dust and dirt can be your PlayStation’s greatest enemy. The vents that keep you from overheating are the places that collect the most dust. Keeping it off the ground is ideal. Unfortunately, dust will continue to enter the system. If possible, avoid opening the system, handling the sticker is a sure way to void the warranty. Buying the basic air duster is a great way to get rid of dust. Consistent use of the duster will help keep dust to a minimum. Be careful not to overuse the feather duster as it can cause damage if used incorrectly.

Things are not made to last like they used to. People spend a lot of money on their favorite electronic devices and treating them with care counts. Taking care of the things you value will only make them last longer. Give your PS3 the love it deserves and it will love you back.

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