How to get a Jack Russell Terrier to stop excessive chewing

How to stop a Jack Russell from chewing is a question that many owners of this particular breed of dog have probably asked themselves. Although they are playful, fluffy and cute, they often love to chew like many other puppy breeds. If you can’t take this anymore and want to make sure your shoes, pants, blinds, and other household items are no longer in danger of being bitten, there are a few steps you can take.

If the Jack Russell is still young and going through the teething phase, it is essential to have a good supply of chew toys on hand. There are now a wide variety of these available so you should be able to find a favorite for his pup. It’s important to reinforce that this is the only item the dog should chew by watching the pup and making sure he stays with the toy and doesn’t reach for something more dangerous or expensive the moment his back is turned. This will help them learn boundaries and discipline. Rawhide bones are also a good choice as chew toys and could also be used as a reward for not chewing prohibited items.

If this isn’t enough to prevent your Jack Russell from chewing on the wrong items, you may need to introduce a deterrent. Although you may not like the sound of tactics like foul-tasting sprays or isolating areas of the house that suffer from excessive chewing tendencies, these can be effective short-term solutions to make it clear to the dog what you It is acceptable. If he doesn’t feel like spraying the chemicals found in one of the anti-chewing sprays on your home, a simple homemade mix of washing up liquid and water will often work just as well.

A common reason for puppies to chew excessively can be separation anxiety. This can be a real problem if the pup is left home alone and chews everything in sight as he is preoccupied and lonely. Keeping the pup in a crate or crate will obviously prevent him from wandering, but it’s best to do this as soon as you bring him home. Spending more time with your Jack Russell is one of the best ways to remedy this type of anxiety, walking, playing, and regularly petting and praying when he returns home from being away.

If all else fails in your quest to stop your Jack Russell from chewing, you may need to consult a local professional, as your dog may have a specific medical problem or an acute anxiety problem if this problem continues. It is always worth consulting your vet before using deterrents such as sprays to check for allergies or other potential problems.

Jack Russell terriers aren’t really that different from other puppies in the sense that even habitual chewing is quite normal, especially when they’re bored, anxious, upset, or teething. Identifying the cause is the first thing to resolve and when you know it, applying the tips above and consulting a local professional should put an end to your Jack Russell’s chewing problems.

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