Holidays in Cyprus – The Island of the Sun

Cyprus, officially known as the Republic of Cyprus, is well known for its sunny ecstasy and is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Going on holiday to Cyprus is always a great idea, whether you are making a plan with your family or with friends.

Things to see in Cyprus

Some of the things to see during your holidays in Cyprus are:

Hala sultan tekksi – This historic old mosque adds to the beauty of the nearby Larnac Airport, as well as the Larnance salt lake, on the edge of which the mosque stands.

Limmassol Castle – Located near the old port and the Cyprus Medieval Museum, this castle also features a zoo, municipal gardens, and an Archaeological Museum of the Limassol District.

Museums and Archaeological Monuments of Cyprus: The island is surrounded by a remarkable historical collection in its various museum houses, such as the Byzantine museum, the district archaeological museum, the Tornaritis-Pierides paleontological museum and the natural history museum. The Kition ruins are also a remarkable thing to experience during your Cyprus holidays.

Famgusta -the history of this city dates back to 285 BC-

The city of Famagusta is located in the north-eastern region of Cyprus. The city is believed to have been founded by the Egyptians around 285 BC. C. In ancient times it was an extremely popular and rich destination for merchants.

Today, the tourist site of Famagusta is surrounded by the Venetian wall, while the new city is located just outside its border. Othello’s Tower and Citadel is one of the main tourist destinations in Famagusta. The Tower and Citadel were built by the Lusignans in the 14th century and were supposedly used as a backdrop for Shakespeare’s masterpiece “Othello.”

Things to do in Cyprus

Some of the things to do during your holidays in Cyprus are:

– In Larnaca, Agia Napa and Kataklysmos, go partying and clubbing – Enjoy water sports like snorkeling and diving Geroskipou, Larnaca, Dassoudi Beach in Cyprus – Hike the mountain and resort trails in the forests of Limassol and Machairas – Ski in Platres and Kakopetria – Shop the markets of Cyprus – Get rich with the amazing carnivals and festivals of Cyprus

Best time to visit or vacation in Cyprus

This island on the Mediterranean coast is known for its warm and sunny climate, so if you are someone who wants to spend your holidays in a warm region, go for a holiday in Cyprus. While many also prefer their holidays in Cyprus in the spring, when the weather is much more pleasant. A vacation in Cyprus is always ideal for those who love summer vacations.

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