Flying Monkey Delta 8 Review – An In-Depth Look at This Years Top Christmas Toys!

Flying Monkey Delta 8 Review

The Flying Monkey Delta from Access Aerospace is a full size (5 foot long) electric air-plane that has a powerful electric motor to propel the aircraft. It has a wingspan of 9 feet and can cruise at speeds up to sixty miles per hour. This electric powered machine is called the Blue Dream because it is painted a beautiful blue. It was originally designed and built by Access Aerospace. It is a very popular remote control airplane and is extremely durable and stable, which makes it an excellent choice for modelers and collectors alike!

One of the best features of the Blue Dream that sets it apart from other remote controlled flying vehicles is its all-electric engine. This permits it to be used indoors, in the backyard or even on a rainy day! The Blue Dream can fly autonomously for hours on end thanks to its onboard computer and battery system.

Flying monkey delta 8

The ability to use the Blue Dream virtually all year round makes it an excellent choice for anyone that enjoys flying. Children, adults and even seniors can all enjoy the virtual reality that the Bionic Robot offers. In addition, it can be used in any weather, day or night and flown for long periods of time without ever recharging or discharging its batteries. That’s right, it will fly miles above the earth before requiring a recharge!

An In-Depth Look at This Years Top Christmas Toys!

Many RC pilots are amazed by the ease with which the Bionic Robot can be flown. There is no complicated set up or long term storage plan needed to get the plane airborne. Once installed, the owner simply starts flying and does not need to worry about tuning it up or adding fuel or filters or any of the many other hassles that usually come along with RC flying. The Bionic Robot is ready to fly immediately and does not require any maintenance or effort at all!

Another exciting feature of the Bionic Robot is that it can be flown by any age human, old or young. No matter who is flying it, they are sure to have a great time since it makes a realistic sound and visual display. The Bionic Robot is so realistic that if you were actually flying the Delta, you would feel that you were up in the air with the Bionic Robot as it zoomed through the sky. This gives kids the thrill of RC flying without actually having to be in the air!

Even more fun is the remote control capabilities of the Bionic Robot. If you are tired of having to hold the remote control by your side while you operate the airplane, you will be happy to know that the Bionic Robot is equipped with a built in remote control system. No longer do you have to worry that if you are not comfortable holding the remote control that you might cause the aircraft to veer off course. Not only that, but the Bionic Robot is also equipped with full HD video surveillance camera’s so that you can be assured that your child or pets are safe in their flying quarters. All of these and much more makes the Bionic Monkey Delta 8 the perfect toy for your child this Christmas!

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