Description and history of the Norwegian Elkhound dog breed

Description: This is a medium-sized dog that is robust to the eye. With the appearance of a Spitz, the Norwegian Elkhound is short and boxy in appearance, which enhances its stocky appearance. With its wedge-shaped head, which is wide, and the thick snout. The teeth should meet in a scissor bite. He has oval shaped eyes and these are dark brown in color. The ears are defined but mobile. The chest is deep and somewhat broad. From the front view, its legs appear straight, with small, tight-fitting oval feet with thick pads. The tail is tightly curled and is set high on the dog’s back.

The Norwegian Elkhound breed has a strong, bulky, weather-resistant double coat. The color of this dog is gray with black tips and a lighter belly and undercoat, with a black muzzle, ears and tail tip. The height of this breed is 19 to 21 inches for the dog and 18 to 20 inches for the female dog. Its weight for dogs is 50 to 60 pounds and the bitch is 40 to 55 pounds. This breed has a life expectancy of about 12 to 15 years.

History: The Norwegian Elkhound came from Scandinavia and is a very old breed, thousands of years old. This dog would have worked as a hunting and guard dog for the Vikings, where they would have been used to track game large and small, working as a team with the hunters. This dog works best at night and is also an expert sled dog. If Norway were to go to war, then the Minister of Defense can mobilize and use all privately owned Elkhounds. This breed was first shown at the Norwegian Hunters Association in 1877. The AKC first recognized this breed in 1913. Due to the friendliness and dependability of this breed, it is now a most delightful family pet living in our homes. .

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