Choose the right moving company

Most people don’t think much of the people they hire to move their household goods from point A to point B. This is unfortunate because the ease and simplicity of a move can be greatly multiplied by choosing the right moving company. Instead of hiring a random moving company, follow these simple steps to find the right moving company for you:

– Take enough time to make the right decision. If you wait until the last minute to hire a moving company, the one that is best for you may already be booked. Don’t settle for the second best option at the last minute; instead, start early to give yourself plenty of time to do your research.

– If you follow the first step and start early, you will have plenty of time to compare prices and get the lowest quote. While many moving companies offer quotes via the web or by phone, these quotes are not binding and are subject to change. The only way a moving company can provide a legally binding quote is by conducting an in-person inspection of the items to be moved and the area from which they will be moved. During the survey, different factors will influence the determination of the final price. Those factors include, but are not limited to: the number of rooms in a home, the number of floors, the number of sharp corners or awkwardly shaped hallways, the value of the property (for insurance reasons), and more. Since the customer will be present while the survey is being conducted in person, don’t be afraid that the mover will explain the justification for the price offered. Some moving companies do nothing more than drop off a truck, let the customer pack the merchandise, and drive the truck to the final destination. This type of move is much cheaper but requires much more physical effort on the part of the client, which some may not be willing or able to do.

– Once the quotes have been issued in person, the haggling can begin. Collect as many quotes as possible from companies that are reliable and meet your needs. Ask companies if they can beat the price of the company with the lowest bid; if they can, you can walk away with a few extra bucks in your pocket. Remember, just because a company offers the lowest price does not mean that it offers a quality service suitable for you. Research all aspects of the company, not just the quote they offer. You would probably hate hiring the company with the lowest quote only to find that their lack of insurance coverage allows for such low prices.

– On that note, be sure to check the insurance coverage of the moving company. It’s your money and it’s your stuff, so make sure you get your money’s worth and make sure your stuff is protected from unforeseen events.

The services of a moving company are not services that many people need to insure. Some people can live their entire lives only needing to hire a moving company once or twice. This means that it is difficult for landlords and tenants to build a strong relationship and track record with their local moving company in the way they would with other companies. In the absence of a solid professional track record with a particular moving company, landlords and tenants are urged to do their homework, ask questions, and shop around.

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