Magnificent Illinois and Chicago Churches

Illinois is the fifth most populous state in the United States of America. It is a major transportation hub and has a broad economic base. Chicago was founded in 1833 and is the largest city in the state of Illinois. No doubt, there are many wonderful and beautiful cathedrals and […]

Is it okay for masseurs to be smokers?

Massage therapy is an occupation where the massage therapist is up close and touching the patient/client. This is something that therapists need to keep in mind at all times. Nicotine and cigarette smoke are unmistakably strong (to some offensive) odors. These odors are not easily masked. No perfume, cologne, or […]

NHL Winter Classic, Save Hockey

In my opinion, the Winter Classic is one of the top ten sporting events of each year. Hockey… outside… snow surrounding the rink, how not to like it? While the pregame festivities lasted about 37 minutes longer than necessary, I enjoyed most of the hoopla. Bringing back legendary players, reliving […]

Travel and holiday guide for Fiji

Tourist visit Nadi, Fiji’s third largest center, on the Pacific Ocean. It is a beautiful tropical paradise, ideal for romantic honeymooners. There is much to see, such as the village of Navala, where the houses are all built in the traditional way with woven bamboo walls and thatched roofs. The […]

hybrid car technology

DRIVING TO THE NEED FOR A HYBRID VEHICLE For most of the life of automobiles, propulsion has been provided by the type of internal combustion engine powered by gasoline or diesel. There have been brief flirtations with steam, electricity, and vehicles that could use a variety of fuels, but most […]